Monday, September 9, 2013

BIG Changes

If you've talked to me at all in the last month or so, you know that we've been really busy!
I like being busy, but I don't like being so busy that I have no time to live life.
Some things get put on the back burner.
Other things don't get done at all.
So here I a point where I have to make some decisions.

First of all...before I let you in on all the decisions being made, let me tell you how continually blessed I am.
Last week was the best week that I had had in a long time.
This past weekend was one of the greatest since moving to St. Louis.
When we first moved here, I had a hard time with homesickness.
We are a 5 hour drive from my family, and we had no friends here.
I prayed that God would bring me a friend...just one.  That's all I really needed.
When we got plugged into our Life Group, I had high hopes.
Fast forward a year and here we are.
This weekend was spent with our friends from our Life Group.
We dined together.  We had great fellowship.
The boys watched football together, while the girls shopped together.
It was exactly what my heart needed.

I am so thankful for each of them.
For the way they pray for me and with me.
For the way they welcome others into our group.
For the way they rejoice with others!
For the way they lead by example.
And for the way that Christ shines through them.
I am very blessed.

And now...the changes that I've been making in my life:
1.  My shop has always been a creative outlet for me.
I have enjoyed pursuing things that uses the opposite side of my brain than it normally uses.
BUT I have decided to pursue some other options in my life right now.
With that said, I am clearing out my inventory and closing up shop.
I don't feel like I can successfully run a shop at the same time trying to be successful in all the other areas of my life.
Prices are already marked down, so no coupon code is needed at checkout.
Most items are marked down at least 50%.
Stock up on some Christmas gifts!

2.  If you've been around here a while, you have seen my lifestyle change take place.
That is one of the reasons that I can't keep up with my shop right now.
I need me time, and that time is spent in the gym working out.
But I've also decided to pursue the goal of being an Independent Fitness Consultant.
**I'm hosting a 30 Day Challenge starting on September 30th.  Contact me if you'd like more information about it.**  You can get a little more information on my page, The Fitness Princess.
I want time to focus on this in my spare time.

3. A couple of months ago, I started wondering why I was still at my job, working as an Accounts Payable Coordinator for a hospice company.
Then, I started praying about why I was there.
About a month ago, I asked a friend in my Life Group to specifically pray for me to be content with where I am (job-wise).
I haven't really figured out yet why I am at my job.
I don't know why I've put up with the junk that goes on there, and I'm not sure what I have accomplished there.

Around the same time I asked my friend for prayer, I put in some job applications.
It wasn't a big deal, as I had done that before and never heard anything about them.
Two weeks later, I got a call from a company asking if I was still interested.
Two weeks after that, I had a job interview.
Two days after the interview, I got a call offering me the position.

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be working here:

I am now an Accounts Payable Specialist for a very large company...Charter Communications!
My first day will be September 23!
I am excited to deviate from the smaller companies and gain experience {and structure} at a large corporation.
My husband is just excited because we'll be getting cable {something we haven't paid for since we've been married}.
I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me here!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Focused on the Plan?

Just when I think I know what God's plan is...
....BAM.  He goes and changes it on me.
That's just how He is.
But I'm so thankful that's how He is.

I've been quiet for some time here in my corner of the internet.
It hasn't really been on purpose...
We've just had a really busy month, and I haven't had much to say.


But during that time...
I have been focused on my life.
I have been focused on my job.
I have been focused on my future.

I haven't been focused on God's plan.

He's been doing some really cool things in my life lately.
I can't wait to share them with you!

What are you focusing on?
Your plan or His?