Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peace Comes from the Lord

I have a confession.

Did that get your attention?  Why is it that we love confessions of other people, yet it's hard to admit our own confessions?  I look up to those who confess regularly, because I have this thing called pride in my life.  It's sometimes hard for me to confess an inner secret because of the way certain people might react or how they will think of me.

Who cares?  Really.  Who cares what other people think of you?  To some extent, it's important to know what others think because as Christians, we're called to keep other Christians accountable.  If I'm on the wrong path, I need to know.  That's when I need to know what others are thinking.

But with this confession I'm about to make.  I don't care.  Honestly.  I'm a successful woman who has a husband who loves me, a job that's fulfilling its duties, and parents who love and support me.  Oh and I have a college degree.  That may sound conceited, but it's the truth.  I'm confident, and I know where my confidence comes from.  I thank the Lord every day that I have a job that I can work at and help keep my house running.  Many college graduates don't even know where they're going to get any source of income from.

In fact, this job is what triggered this whole confession thing.  You see, graduate school was once a dream of mine.  I had this awesome idea that I wanted to be a CPA.  Did I want to work in tax at that time?  Heck no.  I hate taxes.  Do I want to work in tax now?  Nope...not at all.  I have no desire what-so-ever.  In order to get a CPA license, I would have to have 150 credit hours to be able to sit for the exam.  So, I went to grad school.  That was my graduate, take the exam, and become a CPA.  I didn't have to work in that area, but knowing I had to license would be a safety blanket.

Well, plans don't always go as planned.  There's this thing called flexibility (and my family does it really well...just ask Tyler).  When I got a job at Summer Fresh Supermarkets, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I work with 9 other people, and I'm one of 4 that has a college degree.  I'm doing what I love...accounting for a company.  Thanks, Dad for showing me that I actually do love some part of farming. :]  This job has shown me that I don't necessarily need my masters or a CPA license to do what I love.

With that said, it's really difficult to be newly married, at a new job, and taking a whole set of new classes.  I don't have a lot of time...for anything.  So after a lot of prayer, calls to my parents, and talks with Tyler I've made a decision that leads to my confession.

I'm taking a sabbatical from school.

Yep, that's right.  After this December, I will lead a life that doesn't involve homework of any kind.  This sabbatical will help me get a better grasp on life and hopefully alleviate some stress.  I think grad school was a security blanket because I didn't know if I could get a real job in the real world.  I've never had one.  That's right.  I've never had a real job.  I've had better opportunities, I would say, with being able to work in a family business, and then later I worked in student orientation with the University.  

Now that I have a real job, I know that I don't necessarily need school anymore.  There may come a time after this next semester that I may want to go back, and all I ever needed was a break.  It could happen.  Not all people who leave school give up on it completely.  My cousin Molly is an example of this.  She took a 2 year break and look at her!  Chugging away on her master's degree!! :]  There IS proof that people do come back.  I will just have to see where God leads us.

So that's it.  My deep, dark secret.  It's out.  I've made this decision and I feel  at peace with it.  So think what you want.  I'm going to be free. :]

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  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for taking care of your priorities. I am for one 100% proud of you for putting your marriage and job first. Notice which I put first there... ;o) You are a newlywed and marriage is hard so take time to know your husband without having to worry about grades. If you want to go back, I suggest you do it before kids, but if not, you have a degree and it's your choice. Being an adult isn't always easy but guess what, whatever choices you make are yours to make. For better or worse they shape you into the woman your meant to be. So I'm proud of you for doing this! I know it wasn't easy. Enjoy your last semester of school...for awhile! ;o)


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