Friday, December 23, 2011

College Grads: A Job but No Place to Live

Today was the day.  The day to pack up and move from what has been my home for the past 3 years.  However, things have changed in the past couple of days that has made us change our plans.

Last week, Tyler and I went to St. Louis and looked at six apartment complexes.  There was a couple of things we noticed:  1.  They don't believe in light fixtures in any room.  2. They don't believe in ceiling fans.  I don't understand it.  I'm not a fan of lamp light for my main lighting in the room.  We didn't have a choice, however.  All of the apartments were that way.  So we ended up picking out a place to live and ended up being happy with the choice. 

A couple of days later, we got the call from Tyler's recruiter that his training date had been moved up.  Oh yeah...I didn't mention that in my last post.  Tyler has to do 3 months of training in Oklahoma City.  We didn't have specifics, and we're still unsure of where we'll be living, but he has to go.  We made the decision that I will go with him.  I do not want to live apart that long.  No couple should ever have to do long distance.  Anyway, he will be flying out of STL on the 2nd of January, and he starts in STL on the 27th of January.  So it's been one quick decision after another.

God has been in this process the entire time.  He has made us trust Him more and really rely on His timing and plan.  So today we packed our little one bedroom apartment up (we have a TON of stuff) and moved it to Lamar.  My parents will be storing it for the months that we're in OKC.  Tyler's job is paying for him to have a rental car and an apartment/hotel/place of living for that amount of time.  We still don't know where we'll be living, but we should find out in the next several days.

My last day of work was on Thursday.  It was bittersweet, being my first job and all.  I said goodbye to the girls on Wednesday as most of them were taking vacation days the rest of the week.  I teared up a tiny bit, thinking about leaving.  It wasn't too bad.

I did cry as we pulled out of the parking lot at Sherwood this afternoon.  I had lived there for 3 years, and it was my first place to live after I moved off campus.  A lot of memories had been made there.  There are a lot of changes about to take place, and all I can rely on is that God will show us His way.

I will miss everyone in Springfield, but I'm excited about where God is leading us.  It's a bittersweet ending to this chapter in our lives.  I thank God for all the people we've met, the church we have in Springfield, and the prayers that have been said for us through this process.

For now, we will enjoy Christmas with my family this weekend before we start our journey in STL and OKC.

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  1. Awww sweet girl, I'll miss seeing you at Back to School. I love you and pray you enjoy your "new" life... just don't forget us! ;o)


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