Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Favorite Fitness Apps

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite fitness apps that I have found over the past year or so.  We live in such a techy society, using your phone is almost a necessity when it comes to working out.  Here are my top favorite apps!

1.  My very first app that I ever downloaded that was fitness related was My Fitness Pal.
What is even better is that you can access it on the web as well!

This app helps keep you on track.  You create an account and put all your information in including:  your age, your height, your current weight, your goal weight, your activity level, and your weight goals (lose 2 lbs per week, lose 1 lb per week, maintain, etc).

It will give you your calorie goal per day.  **Personally, I think there is one glitch in it.  A lot of people get 1200 calories to eat in a day, but I think that goal is too low. I would up the goal a couple hundred calories.**

You can keep track of your meals with this app and it breaks out your macros for you.  The best thing about it is that there is a scanner on it.  So if you eat a lot of packaged foods with a barcode, you can scan the product in to your diary!  You can also enter your own recipes and it saves it in the listings for you!

This helps you see what you eat on a daily basis, which I think is helpful in your fitness journey.  This app also allows you to add friends to help keep each other accountable.  Already have MFP?  Add me: bethelaine_07.

2.  I just recently found Map My Fitness.  This app uses the GPS in your phone and tracks your runs, walks, bike rides, etc and keeps track of it in the app.  You can even add notes to the exercise to help you see how far you've come!

You can also find other people to be friends with on this app as well.  Find me:  Beth Branstetter.

3.  The next app that I absolutely love is one that I just found.  Everyone likes free money, am I right or am I right?  I know I do!  I found Gym Pact just by searching the app store. 

This app allows you to make a commitment with yourself.  It allows you to commit to working out a certain amount of times per week.  You can also make a pact about logging your food each day or eating a certain amount of fruits and veggies.  

I currently only have a workout pact going on (but you can have up to 3).  I commit to working out 4 times a week.  I have one whole week (Monday through Sunday) to get my 4 workouts in.  If I miss a day, I have to pay $5 per missed day.  But if I complete my pact, I get money from other pact-makers who have missed their workout days. :)  Sounds like a plan to me!  When I reach $10, I can deposit the money into my PayPal account.  Woo!  This helps keep me accountable and I want to workout because I'm getting paid!

I wear my phone on an armband when I'm logging a 30 minute workout at home.  I can also get credit for workouts through my Fitbit, Map My Fitness, checking in at a gym, and several other apps that connect to it.

Want to earn your first $5 for free by signing up?  Check out this website and enter the promo code GymPact$5.

4.  We all know how important it is to be drinking water, right?  Well, I will admit that I am horrible at drinking water.  I found this app called iDrated.  

It's basically a drink alarm.  You should be drinking half your weight in ounces.  That means if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water a day.  This app allows you to put in your goal for water intake.  You can record each bottle that you drink and if you haven't drank in a while, the alarm will buzz and remind you.

It's a great visual because the more that you drink, the more the body fills up on the app.  It also tells you your percentage of hydration and when you had your last drink...of water. :)

5.  The last app that I absolutely love is called Seconds Pro.  I found this app when I did my first challenge with Betty Rocker.  

Seconds Pro is an interval trainer!  I love to do intervals from time to time.  You can put your exercises in there and add rest time as well.  You can tell it how many rounds you'd like to complete, too.  It will time your exercises and tell you when to go on to the next one.

I love it because I don't want to think about the time while I'm working out.  This app does all the work for me!  Check it out!

Do you have a favorite fitness app?  What is it?

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  1. Love it! You inspired me to share my favorite fitness apps!


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