Monday, February 27, 2012

Goals, Goals, Goals

I am a very goal oriented person.  I love setting goals, but what I love even more is meeting those goals.  I'm subscribed to Money Saving Mom on facebook and read a lot from what this woman writes.  I originally subscribed because she posts a lot about coupons and certain deals that are going on.  But she also blogs.  This woman is a Christian with a family.  She believes in being a good steward of their money.  She buys in bulk, freezes a lot of meals, and writes about her journey.  Today I read here about her weekly goals.  She has hers divided into sections, and I loved her idea.  She comes up with a goal list each week, and as the new week starts, she reflects on last week's goals.

I thought this was a great idea, and I have a few goals for myself this week.  I thought I would share:

1.  Continue with Week 4 of "Beauty by the Book" Bible Study.
2.  Work out Monday-Friday for at least an hour.
3.  Continue planning Mackenzie's Bridal Shower.
4.  Continue reading "The Help."
5.  Try new recipes in my Crockpot!

Being in Oklahoma City without a job leaves me with time to focus on myself.  That sounds really conceited, but I don't mean it like that.  I've been working out and I've been doing this amazing Bible study.  God has given me things to do to keep me busy (like planning this shower for Mackenzie).  I hadn't thought about it until I was here in OKC.  Now, I'm really excited about doing this for her.  I just love weddings! :]  I really haven't been bored since I've been here.  I just have to keep a positive attitude for the next 5 weeks, and we'll be in STL before we know it!  

Hopefully each week I can come up with different goals that I can work on.  It might be a stretch...they might be the same each week!  :]  But as long as I'm working towards the long-term goal, it will all be okay. :]

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