Monday, May 21, 2012

I've Never Been More Homesick Than Now

We've officially been in St. Louis for eight weeks and two days.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long in some ways and in other ways it feels like forever.  It's been almost 7 weeks since I've been home and have seen my family and to be honest, I'm homesick.  I think the longest I've gone without going home is 6 weeks and that was when I went off to college.  I said, "Bye Mom and Dad.  See you in 6 weeks."  And I didn't go home for that long.  However, the distance from Springfield to home and St. Louis to home is a bit different.

I talk to my momma almost daily.  And when I say I talk to her, we're usually on the phone for an hour. :]  I also try to keep up with my best friend who's clear across the country, and Tyler and I spend some time with our cousins that are here in the area.  However, it's a bit different than Springfield.  

Tyler and I found a church that we love (Risa, if you're reading this, yes.  It's Harvester).  In fact, yesterday was our third Sunday there, and Tyler was playing drums in the worship team already!  He applied to be in their worship team last Sunday.  Got a call the next day to try out on Wednesday night.  Then, they asked him to play on Saturday and Sunday, so he stayed for practice!  I think that was a total God-thing.  I'm so proud of him!!  He has an amazing talent, and I'm glad that he wants to serve God in this way.  He did an incredible job this past weekend, and I'm sure he was nervous!!  (I would have been!!)  

This church is really big!!  I think they average just over 2,000 people with 4 services on Saturday and Sunday.  I thought Northside in Springfield was big, and they averaged 1,000 on a Sunday between 2 services.  Crazy!  

We are hoping to get involved in a small group, which is especially needed in a church this size.  I don't want to be a number.  I want to be "Beth."  And I will be.  I'm just certain of it.  In fact, just last week, Tyler and I saw 2 people that we knew from Springfield felt good to see a familiar face.  I know that once we start getting involved, things will be so much better!! :]

I'm still looking for a job, and it's been a tough journey.  I did have one job offer, but turned it down because it was the wrong job, wrong hours, and wrong pay.  I'm praying that God will bring along the right job...and I know He will.  In His time.

Tyler and I are headed to my home this weekend!  I simply cannot wait!  I am so excited to spend some time with my family and not worry about anything.  I've been homesick for a couple of weeks, but have just held out for this weekend.  I am so excited to meet my new little cousin, Titus.  I'm excited to see all my cousins and my aunts and uncles!!! I'm soooo incredibly blessed to have a BIG family in which we are all close!  I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world!

So while I've been job searching and living life, I've been trying to make this place our home.  I know that my home will always be where Tyler is.  He's what makes this city "home."  And I'm thankful to have him by my side.

Anyway, I know a long time ago, I promised that I would post pictures of our new home.  Finally, that time has come.  :]  Aren't you just so excited?!?!

Yes, I'm posting my "Before" pictures first....and there's a lot of them!!

So we packed everything into our van and trailer:

We have too much crap!!!  That's what we learned...and some stuff has been given away since then.  :]

Here's our pictures as of now:

Living Room, complete with our new couch and coffee table.  We are just waiting to find the right rug to put under it.  The mantle holds my Willow Tree Nativity...that was one of the most exciting things about the place!  I love having a fireplace!!

The Kitchen!  I love having all the counter space!  There's even room for bar stools!

This is the "sunroom" which we have turned into the dining room and my craft room.  I really love the windows in this room.

Here's the bathroom:

Here's the master bedroom.  I love the bay windows!  I'm still working on finding places for things as well as decorating the room.

This is our office/den.  It's pretty much a mess.  I'm hoping to get some organization going on in here soon! :]

And our tiny, and I mean tiny laundry room.  There's enough room to stand between the washer and dryer, but honestly, I can't stand there because that's where the laundry baskets are sitting.  It's crazy small.

It is feeling a lot like home, and I'm excited to be settled.  So there it is!!  Home Sweet Home. :]


  1. Place looks great! I'm glad you all are getting plugged in already.

    1. Thanks, Allison! We are excited to find a small group...however, we know they won't be as awesome as you!! :] I hope you guys are all doing well!!


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