Monday, May 26, 2014

Hawaii: Part 5

So I got really busy and didn't blog the rest of our Hawaii trip.
Here I am again...

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On Tuesday morning, Tyler and I got up to go Scuba Diving.  I really wish we would have had pictures from it, because it was an amazing experience.  I had never seen sea turtles that huge in my life, and to get to "swim" with them was so neat!

We hadn't been Scuba Diving since our honeymoon, so I was a little rusty.  We did a two-tank dive meaning, we got to dive twice.  Breathing through a regulator is SO different that just breathing.  I had a mini-panic attack when I was trying to descend the first time, but I got my breathing under control and had a fun time.

When we got finished with the first dive, we headed back to the boat.  The waves were SO choppy, and even just floating in the water made me sick.  I got back on the boat, water and snacks were passed around, but I couldn't even make it back to my seat.  I laid on the floor of the boat with my head down.  I was SO sick.  I've never been that sick in my life.  It was rough!  We went back to the dock for a few minutes of rest since I wasn't feeling too well.  It was much better to walk on land. :)

Our second dive went better, and I was able to stay under for a lot longer since I wasn't using all of my oxygen.  I love scuba diving, so I hope we'll be able to do it again soon!

My parents had gone to the beach nearby, so we stopped to say hi to them.  We were waiting for our Whale Watching adventure to start.  It was a nice day for the beach!

The Whale Watching was a complete bust.  It ended up being the most expensive boat ride we've ever taken.

That's about the extent of what we saw.  Seriously...such a waste of money.  We were disappointed.

On the way back to the house that night, we did stop for tacos.  They were delicious!!

The one thing I didn't like was that they put cabbage on everything.  I'm not a cabbage fan.  I'd rather have lettuce.  But they were yummy and filling!

Well, come back tomorrow and I'll have Wednesday's pictures up! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Little Container Garden

Growing up, my mom planted a garden.
Dad or Grandpa would come disk it or field cultivate it with the tractor and then we'd plant it.
Sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans were a given.  Always.
I hated planting it, but what I hated even more was pulling weeds.  AH!
I always said that I would NOT be having a garden when I grow up.

Ya know what I think?
I think that all the things you say you're not going to do as a child, you end up doing and ENJOYING it!
I said I would not cook.  I would not plant a garden. And I would not have boring walls in my house.
Well...all three things have happened.  And yes, I like them.

When I moved into my own place, I wanted to spruce the place up, so I got a pot and some flowers.
Then when we moved to St. Louis, my mom helped me pick out flowers to plant at our apartment.  
I wanted to try container gardening, but we didn't have enough sunlight or space.
So I waited until we had a house.
Now I think I bug my husband with all my ideas of things I want to dig up and plant. :)

I went home in April for Easter and my mom took me over to the greenhouse in the country that we always go to.  
Ever since I was introduced to Betty Rocker, I started cooking with fresh herbs.
I decided that I wanted to grow some herbs in my container garden, so I picked some up at the greenhouse, along with tomatoes and peppers.

I went to Menard's one evening after work and picked up some pots, soil, and a few flowers.

We have this rock in the front of our house that is maroon...and matches our shutters.  
I actually want to get rid of it and replace it with mulch, but I assume that project will happen next year.
Anyway, I stole some of the rock and put it in the bottom of my pots.  I just wanted to make sure it would drain well.  It's not necessarily needed, but what the heck...

Then I added the soil to the pots.

Here it is after I got all the plants planted!

And here it is today:

I've got 4 Roma tomato plants, 4 plants of red peppers, and 4 plants of yellow peppers, a pot with sage and thyme, a pot with 4 basil plants, a hanging pot of 4 cilantro plants, and two pots of flowers and a boot (soon to be 2 boots) of strawberry plants.

I am very excited to hopefully make tomato sauce and salsa this year, as well as use the herbs to cook with! :)
Oh and I just got the tomato cages today...I color coordinated them with my pots.  I'm cool like that! haha!
I'm pretty proud of this cute little container garden.  I can't wait to reap the harvest!

Do you have a garden?  What have you planted in it?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stitch Fix #2 and #3

Well...I'm slow at reporting on my Stitch Fix.
So lucky for you, I'm sharing Stitch Fix #2 and #3 today!

Here's a rundown of my second stitch fix!

This dress was adorable, but unfortunately, I'm well-endowed and the scallops fell in the wrong place.    It wasn't too flattering...even my husband noted that.

This shirt was super light weights and would have been perfect for summer days...however, again, it was a little tight through the chest.

This jacket was cute and comfy.  It just happened to, again, be too small in the chest.  

This necklace was super cute and totally would have gone with the dress.  Sadly, I'm not big on gold and I didn't have anything else to wear it with.

What I did end up keeping was this super soft, super comfy, super long shirt!  You can dress it up or dress it down!  This may not be the most flatter picture...well, it's a #workbathroomselfie.  Ha!  But I love the shirt.

Here's my third Stitch Fix.

When I pulled this dress out, I knew it was a keeper.  Then I put it on.  It was WAY too short for me.  Keep in mind that my front knee is bent a bit and I have thick legs, so I can't cross them very easily.  Therefore, this dress was out.  It's kind of a bummer, because it was cute.

This maxi skirt was SUPER cute too!!  The shirt I paired with it may not have been super flattering with it, but it was hot that day.    I didn't keep the skirt though...

I really wasn't too sure about this shirt when I pulled it out.  But I ended up really liking it!  And I kept it!  My mom kept telling me she liked the white jeans when I sent her pictures...those already are mine.  haha!

I really liked the color options in this fix.  Everything was super bright!  This shirt was unique since it had a zipper in the back.  I liked how loose it was through the chest (for once!!), but it was too tight for comfort around my mid-section, which I do not need to highlight.  Therefore, it went back.

This bag also came in the fix, but I do not need any more bags, so it went back as well.  It was huge and reversible...but I already have a TON of bags!

Whew!! That was FUN!! I LOVE getting clothes sent straight to my door and being able to try them on in the comfort of my own home with clothes I already have.

Want to get your own box of happy?  
Stitch Fix has this amazing thing called referral credits. 
Anytime someone uses my referral code and orders their fix, I get credit it my account to use!
Try it out today!
You can find the details here.
Next time, I'll try to be more timely with my Stitch Fix posts! :)