Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can I Please Just Be Whelmed???

I'm sure in some dictionary, if you look up the word "wife" you will find the definition as: jack of all trades.  I'm definitely feeling it this week.  Tonight especially.  It's be a whirlwind of a week, and I'm thankful that it's almost Friday.

Writing is a stress reliever.  It always has been.  That's why I've kept a journal.  I walked in the door and felt stressed this evening.  I saw everything that needed to be done:  laundry, cooking, cleaning, my online class, my other's just crazy.  But the laundry is half done, my pizza was easy to make, Tyler helped clean up, and I should be starting on homework soon.  Good thing I don't have class on Fridays!! 

Supper Update:  My supper menu has been AWESOME.  It's one less thing that I have to think about when I get home from work or class.  I just come home and start right in on making it.  However, I forgot one minor detail. You see, I like to make casseroles a lot, but there's only 2 of us.  We can't eat a whole casserole in one night, and I didn't figure in leftovers.  That's a good problem to have, though!!  So my next time to write my supper menu, I'll have a couple extra meals on there that I won't have to buy!! Yay for saving money!!  Oh, and if you're facebook friends with me, check out the awesome pizza I made tonight! I posted a picture of it. It's the best one yet!!

School update:  I LOVE my marketing class so far.  I only took 1 undergrad marketing class, but I loved it too.  I was sad I couldn't take any more of those classes.  My professor said today in class that Accounting students don't like marketing because a lot of it isn't cold, hard facts or number crunching.  I think that's exactly why I like it.  It's something other that numbers.  Also, it seems to come easy to me...kinda second nature.  Maybe that will be my concentration??

I'm taking a Management Information Systems class and it's really laid back.  So laid back that we get to pick when we take the exams.  They're all currently available to us so I could literally take them all right now.  I'm not sure I'm going to like that, because I think that's asking for procrastination.  I HATE procrastinating.  I like to get things done.  I think I'm just going to have to make my own schedule and stick to it!

Then there's my online Finance class.  Talk about motivation!!  I need some right now!  It's going to be a lot of work...and I'm not really supposed to be in this class my first semester as a grad student...but I am because I was an accounting undergrad. Yay....uh, not so much.  We'll see how it goes.  I can do it, because God will give me the motivation I need.

Job update:  I started on Monday, and so far I really like it.  I'm trying to help them get caught up on their Accounts Payable (AP) right now.  It was confusing at first because I'm learning a whole new accounting system, but it gets monotonous real fast.  No big, I like data input. :]  The people are nice, but intimidating because I work with all the big wigs!! One of these days, when I get to know them better, it will be a fun time!  Until then, I need to prove myself. :]

So life is overwhelming me at this moment, but I think it's only because I'm doing a lot of new things.  It will hopefully slow down, and eventually I'll get caught up on everything.  Well, we can hope at least.  For now, it's back to studying!!

Oh, one last thing that I've been learning: God is always in control.  He knows exactly what He's doing.  He always gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want but what we need. His plan is ALWAYS the best!!! Trust in Him!!

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