Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh Dear, What Do We Eat??

We are still trying to get our apartment together.  My mom is going to come help me decorate on  Sunday when she's in town moving both of my brothers in their houses.  I'm very excited because my mom has the creative touch that I didn't get. Boo.  Oh well, I'm very blessed to have her!

So while I'm trying to get the apartment organized, I'm also trying to get our lives organized.  School starts back on Monday. I can't believe it.  The summer is gone, we're already married, and school is about to start.  Holy cow!!  Anyway, this week has been about getting organized (as if I haven't said that enough in this paragraph).  I start my new job next Monday as well.  So today I was thinking about how everything is about to change.

These past two weeks, we've kinda just figured out something to eat around this place.  We have sandwich stuff, and some other odds and ends.  Well today Tyler asked me what was for lunch.  I went to the pantry and couldn't figure anything out.  I had some things for one dish, but not everything.  I had some other things for another dish, but still not everything.  So I went to the freezer.  We buy the Tortino's Party Pizzas.  They're super cheap when we use our coupons, and I keep them in the freezer for times like today, when we don't really have anything to eat.

I decided that with me starting my job and starting graduate school, and Tyler is working at the Bookstore on campus as well as taking a full load of classes this semester, that it was time to organize our meals.  I started with two blank pieces of paper and one of my recipe books.  On one paper, I started writing all the meals down that I've made in the past two years and that I know we both will eat.  

Then, on the other piece of paper, I wrote down the dates and what we would be eating on those nights.

I had to text my mom for advice.  I wanted to make sure that I could make some of these casseroles and stick them in the refrigerator and not bake them until I got out of class.  I think she was excited that I asked her.  I wanted to make sure, and then she reminded me of the crockpot she got me.  So now I need to look up some crockpot meal recipes.  Those would be super easy to use, especially when some nights all I will want to do is come home and sit down for a bit.

Anyway, back to this schedule.  After I wrote it all down, I actually was annoyed with how sloppy it looked, so I make a much neater copy to put on the fridge (although, it's not completely finished yet).

From there, I will write out my grocery list, so I know what I would need for each of the meals.  Whenever the grocery list is finished, I can start looking for coupons/promotions for my items that I need.  Then I'll be all stocked up on groceries for the next two weeks and I won't have to wonder what the heck is in my pantry. :]

We're gonna see how well this will work for us and if it works well, then I'll start making it a part of my weekly routine.


  1. LOVE!! :):) ENJOY cooking for your *NEW* husband!! :) Love you much!!!

  2. Girl, if you ever need help with this I can help!! I have a ton of websites I use and some great crockpot recipes. My favorite is chicken tacos. Take salsa, and raw chicken and put it in your crockpot, add a little water and let that puppy run 4-6 hours until it falls apart. Put that yummy chicken on tostadas, tacos, salad, enchilladas whatever you desire. It's fast and easy and delicious!! Also an easy lunch!! Let me know if you ever need help with ideas!!! Love you!

  3. Hey girl! I have an awesome crock-pot recipe that my boyfriend and my whole family loves! You take a beef roast and stick it in the crock pot all day with some water in the bottom of it and then when you get home pull the meat apart and put your favorite bbq sauce on it for bbq beef sandwiches! I usually do this for huge family bbq's too!


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