Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh the Places You Will Go

I am excited for the opportunities that Tyler and I have in the near future.  Last Sunday, we were back at Northside.  Let me just go on a rant here...Northside is fantastic!  We love it there!  We feel very welcomed and comfortable there.  I know that if Tyler and I stay in Springfield for a long period of time, we will transfer our membership there.  We will see where God takes us.  Anyway, we were sitting there in church, listening to the announcements and this Ignite thing is coming up.  When we figured out that it's training for ministry positions in the church, we immediately thought it was a fantastic idea for us to attend.

Tyler cannot wait to get back to playing drums.  I'm excited about the enthusiasm he has and really hopes that he will be able to do what he loves for the Lord.  I am undecided on where I want to serve.  There isn't one position or ministry that is just yelling at me to get involved with it.  I'm going to go on that Sunday and see what the different sessions are on and hopefully God will lead me to where He would like me to serve.  I WANT to get involved.  I WANT to serve my Jesus.  I just don't know where.  I guess we will find out.

Another thing that's exciting for us is that small group sign ups with Northside is starting on Sunday.  We both have talked about and decided to get involved in a young married couple's group.  We want to be able to meet other young couples and be able to find friends who are dealing with some of the same things in our lives.   I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to see who is teaching the groups and who will be in them. 

I am just loving married life and the opportunities that we have as a couple.  I no longer have to do things by myself, but with my best friend by my side.  I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. :]

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