Monday, January 23, 2012


It is Monday still!!  I haven't forgotten about my promised post! :]  This past weekend Tyler and I went exploring more of OKC.  

We went back to Bricktown to go to the Bricktown Candy Company.  It was a cute little shop with lots of candy and lots of pop! When we were trying to figure out where this shop was, we saw this sign.  I said we had to see if it was true.

Well, it was accurate for Tyler at 46 steps and it took me 47 steps.  I just wonder who got paid to go out and count it!!

They had almost any kind of flavor of pop you could ever want.  

When we looked in the fridge, we saw bottles of Cheerwine.

Tyler and I were fairly certain that at one point, our friend Mackenzie came back from North Carolina talking about how she tried it.  So I asked her and her fiance if this is what they drink.  Sure enough, it is!  In fact, Jason told me it's made 30 minutes from his home!  How cool!!

We then went to Sonic for Happy Hour.  They have an actual eat-in, sit-down Sonic!  It was sooo cool.  Things like this make me so excited. :]  

Sonic is headquartered in OKC, and they built this one in 2004 right next to the corporate office!  They even have the same credit card machines as they do at the drive-in, but these had lights that made them glow. :]

We got our Happy Hour drinks of choice and had a seat.  Mine is always the Diet Strawberry Limeade, and they gave me more strawberries than a normal Sonic!  I was excited!!

The history of Sonic was posted on the wall, and I was interested in seeing how the idea of a drive-in restaurant came about.  Did you know they hand out 511 million peppermints per year to customers?!?  Holy crap!!  That's a lot of mints, and I usually throw them away because I don't like them. :]

Afterwards, we drove to The Outlet Shoppes at OKC.  They were fun, and I cannot believe how many people waste their money in the Coach Outlet.  No one needs a purse that costs $100 or more.  They could be giving that money to help a child in Haiti or Africa that is starving and wanting to go to school.  Jiminy Christmas.  Heck, I don't even pay more than $25 for a purse because I'm just going to get sick of it and get a new one sometime.  I guess I've been blessed with a family who supports three Haitian kids and I see, from their letters, how thankful they are for the support.  We're helping them go to school, survive, and we're showing them God's love.  It makes me sick to think about how much money is spent in that store.

Anyway, I'm off my soapbox.  After we wandered around the outlet mall, we went driving around the two different lakes that were nearby.  We ended up at, yet, another Mexican restaurant. :]  It was good, but not as good as Ted's.  I do like the fact that they serve complimentary queso (with the salsa) and sopapillas for dessert down here.

I miss having a "home."  I'm keeping myself busy with crafts and planning a bridal shower for one of my best friends, though.  I haven't been bored yet. :]  We have approximately two more months here before we go back to STL.  We still haven't found a place to live there, and I need to find a job.  Perhaps David's Bridal?  I can do it better. :] Haha...that's for any of you who know my experience with David's Bridal.  (I did become a SOAR Leader because I thought I could do it better...and I did. :])  Anyway, more later!  

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