Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lists, Lists, and More Lists!

Lists.  I love lists!  I love making lists.  I love crossing things off my list.  I love the gratification I get from lists.  I love lists so much that my old boss bought me the ultimate list when I got engaged.  He was so awesome (and still is) that he actually went out and bought me a wedding planner.  I kept that thing so close to me while I was planning my wedding.  I was constantly marking things off and making smaller lists of things to get done.  Like I said, I love lists.

Earlier this year, I posted a picture of books that I want to read before 2013.  I started with a smallish list, and it has grown.  I have been busy reading away during my three month "vacation."  I just want to share this list and writing it down helps keep me accountable.  Most of these books I already own, and some of them are on my half.com wishlist.  Maybe when we move to STL I'll be able to find a library and actually check them out for free.

1.  The Hunger Games  Suzanne Collins
2.  Catching Fire  Suzanne Collins
3.  Mockingjay  Suzanne Collins
4.  Between Sundays  Karen Kingsbury
5.  Unlocked  Karen Kingsbury
6.  Like Dandelion Dust  Karen Kingsbury
7.  Loving (comes out in March!)  Karen Kingsbury
8.  The Help  Kathryn Stockett  (Loved the movie.)
9.  Crazy Love  Francis Chan  (I need to finish this book.)
10.  Radical  David Platt
11.  The 10 Commandments of Marriage  Ed Young
12.  The Husband Project  Kathi Lipp
13.  The Me I Want to Be  John Ortberg
14.  Creating an Intimate Marriage  Jim Burns
15.  One Thousand Gifts  Ann Voskamp
16.  Made to Crave  Lysa TerKeurst
17.  My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife  Sara Horn

I'll probably add more books to this list as time goes on, but I'm hoping to read at least 24 books by the end of the year.  I'm currently ahead of the average, as I'm finishing up the third Hunger Games book.  

I love fiction, but I thought that I could definitely read some non-fiction as well.  Any encouragement I can get in life is a plus!

If any of you have comments on these books, by all means, leave a comment!

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