Thursday, June 7, 2012

Girls' Trip 2012

I love Girls' Trips.  This year I got to be included in the saying, "We left our husbands at home."  :]  I still love hearing that word.  Husband.  

The trip was ultimately for the purpose of my mom and aunt going back to their high school in Colorado for a "walk-through" before they tear it down.  It was so cool getting to see where she went to high school, meeting her friends, and hearing some crazy, awesome stories!  Believe me, when I say that we laughed a lot, it's the truth!!

My mom had to take her scooter, which she wasn't thrilled about.  However, she did a great job walking on her foot (after it being in a cast for 6 weeks), and we pushed her around when she got tired!

Here are some highlights from the school reunion:

This was the "block party" reunion.  These people lived on Mom's block growing up.

This was one of Mom's really good friends in high school.

This is one of my mom's brothers, Uncle Andy.  He came and toured the school for a while after he got off work...he was looking really snazzy!

Someone pulled the fire joke.  We had to evacuate the building and the firemen came.  Jennifer and I took pictures of them just in case people didn't believe us!

This is my absolute favorite picture of them all!! A very candid photo of my aunt Nancy, Renee (she was a very good neighbor friend, and I think she's so cute!), and my momma!

We spent time shopping, shopping, and shopping some more!  We went to Colorado Springs to see my other Uncle Billy and Aunt Birdie.  Jennifer bought me "celebratory dessert," after getting a job offer that day. 

We went to Estes Park for two days where we did more shopping.  The view was absolutely gorgeous.  I love being in the mountains!

Here are some other highlights:

Random lady at the 16th Street Mall in Denver...we noticed her sense of fashion. HA!

We ate at Casa Bonita in Denver one day...

Here's a picture of the stained glass window that my mom's class gave the school.  The "Highland Hornets."

A view of the mountains one morning before we left our hotel in Colorado Springs.

Another view in Estes Park.

A beautiful sunset in Estes Park.

A really cool church located on Highway 7 coming out of Estes Park.

Even the moon in Kansas was really cool when we were coming home!

My aunt Nancy bought us all ornaments to commemorate our trip! I was so excited to get mine!!

It was a really great trip, but I was really glad to get back to my very handsome husband. :]  I missed him.

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