Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Day Wedding Photo Challenge

I LOVE being married!  It is SO much fun!  So naturally, when the 30 Day Wedding Photo Challenge came up on Instagram for the month of May, I wanted to participate!  So here are all my photos that I shared with my Instagram friends from my wedding.  It's SO fun to reminisce!

Day 1:  Me and my future husband
(a year ago when he was still my "finace")

Day 2:  My engagement ring

Day 3:  My wedding dress

Day 4:  My Wedding Theme (had to have been "bling")

Day 5:  Bouquet inspiration (top left is inspiration, the other pics are the real thing...turned out better than the inspiration picture!)

Day 6:  Favorite kodak moment with future husband
(not really a "kodak" moment, but another cute picture)

Day 7:  member of the bridal party
(Jennifer, Molly, Mackenzie, Rachel)

Day 9:  wedding shoes
(I always said I would wear ballet flats, and I did!)

Day 9:  Something blue
(I don't have a picture of it and it's at home, but it was my garter)

Day 10:  what made my wedding unique
(My cousin played his trumpet in the back of the church to announce us when we were finally married;  my other cousin rand down the aisle yelling, "The Bride is coming!  The Bride is coming!"; My "ring bearer" and flower girl came in on a gator; I played a trick on Tyler with a ring pop when we exchanged rings.)

Day 10 continued
(My dad and brothers made me candles out of PVC pipe; and last but definitely not least, my daddy wrote me and read to me the most special poem when he gave me away!)

Day 11:  What I do when I'm not wedding planning (or now that I'm done)
(hanging out with my husband, working on building my etsy shop, exploring our new city, and job searching!)

Day 12: Honeymoon Spot
(Ocean Maya Royale--Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen)

Day 13:  first picture of me and my future husband
(this was taken on our first date)

Day 14:  wedding project I'm most proud of
(the programs I made, the reception decorations, and the candles that my family built!)

Day 15:  favorite feature of my husband
(his smile...he has a beautiful smile!)

Day 16:  the person who helped me the most with wedding planning
(that would definitely have to go to my parents.  Mom helped me with all the details, and Dad helped me with the structural stuff)

Day 17:  centerpieces

Day 18:  bride who inspired me
(I didn't have one...I just went with what I liked and we went from there)

Day 19:  Favorite hobby with my husband
(He taught me how to shoot...now I give him a run for his money!  It's fun! :])

Day 20:  the venue
(My home church for the ceremony and the Memorial Hall for the reception)

Day 21:  city I was married in.

Day 22:  hairstyle

Day 23:  the cake

Day 24:  biggest wedding splurge
(I would have to say the perfectly matching cathedral length veil)

Day 25:  Wedding Bands

Day 26:  wedding favors
(photo booth pictures!)

Day 27:  location of our first date
(This was just the first part.)

Day 28:  Oldest Keepsake of mine and Tyler's relationship
(A football game ticket that took place on Tyler's birthday--even before we started dating!!  I keep all our "memories" in a box, and I also kept the key to his first apartment.)

Day 29:  something old
(These were my Granny's Mom's...Granny gave them to me for the ceremony where they held 4 candles that were in memory of our grandparents who've gone to Heaven ahead of us--3 for mine and 1 for Tyler)

Day 30:  a picture of us on our wedding day.

Stay tuned this week as I have SO much to write about!!  I'm home from Colorado and getting caught up on everything this week!!

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