Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday's Randoms

Man, oh man. 
It's hard coming back to a Monday when we had such a great weekend.

First of all, the winner of the Summer Fun Jar is Breanna S!
I'll get that to you this week! :)

Those of you who read my 10 on 10 {May} post know that we had a great Life Group Shoot Day.
That was just the kick-off to a great weekend.
Saturday morning, we got up and went to the park.
We walked the trail that runs around the lake.
It was a gorgeous morning, and lots of people were there...doing exactly what we were doing.
For those of you who follow me on instagram (@beth_elaine), I've been using the hashtag #branstetterslifestylechange with all of our pictures.
Check it out!

We tried out a new sub place.
It was yummy...but not as cheap as Subway.

Sunday morning, we went shooting at the shooting range.
There are perks going to the Saturday evening service at church. :)

I also updated my etsy shop!
There are a lot of cute things there!
I added several more Summer Fun Jars/Boxes.
Check them out!

Do you do anything fun this weekend?
Tell me about it! :)

I hope y'all have a great week!

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  1. I love trying new places to eat. I say as long as the food wasn't bad and no one got sick, then you didn't choose bad.

    Stopping by from Miscellany Monday.


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