Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

This weekend went by in a hurry.
I was not ready to come back, but here I am.

Saturday, we went up to see my Granny. 
My aunt and cousins were there, and we spent an hour or so just sitting outside talking.
My Granny lives about 3 miles west of my parents.
Her house is considered, "The Farm."
This is where the guys' shop is, as well as most of the machinery.
My dad farms with one of his brothers, and my brothers help in the summer and on some weekends during the school year.
I grew up helping out on the farm as well.
**For my brothers' sake, I'll mention that I didn't help near as much as them, but I still put my time in.**
Although I'm living it the city now, I still love getting back to the country.
There's just something about the dirt roads, 4-wheeler rides, and quiet that I love.

My mom's knockout roses were absolutely gorgeous, so I made everyone take pictures after church on Sunday.

I love her sass in this picture.

We played a lot of games this weekend:  Monopoly Deal, Farkle, Wii.
I know my dad would have loved to have been able to be in the field this weekend, but I'm selfishly glad that he got to be home and spend time more time with us.
I also love that he plays the Wii with us. :)

Applesauce made me sad this weekend. 
Yes, that is our dog's name.
My brother named him...because he looks like applesauce.
Anyway, Applesauce is 15 years old.
He's losing ability in his back legs so he drags his feet.
You can tell he isn't himself because he doesn't run much anymore.
Well, he came in and was laying beside me (which is also hard for him to do), and he kept looking at me.
I knew that couldn't be comfortable, so I put a pillow under his head.
I think he liked it. :)

We also raided my parents' freezer before we left.  
We got all kinds of steak and a brisket and some hamburger.
And this barely fit in our freezer. :)

One last thing...
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Hope you have a wonderful week!!
Did y'all do anything fun this weekend?
I'd love to hear about it!!

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