Friday, August 23, 2013


It's been a while since I've participated in Insta-Friday! :)
It's about time that I join back in!

The past few weekends, we've actually been home!
I've been on point with my eating because I've been home and have allowed time to meal prep for the coming week.  
Last weekend, we enjoyed a leisurely weekend at home, but with a few events in between.

Friday evening, we used our wonderful gift card that my parents gave us for our anniversary.
Outback is one of our favorite restaurants to eat at, so we used it wisely. :)
Thanks, Mom and Dad!! 

Saturday, there was a festival in downtown St. Charles that we went to.
I wanted to go because I had heard that there were supposed to be a lot of craft vendors.
My husband graciously complied, but little did we know how JAM-PACKED it was going to be.  Oh my goodness.
However, they also had some old engines and boats on display.
I thought of my youngest brother and how he would have loved looking at the boats.
Too bad he wasn't with us.

Shortly after we left the festival, we did one of the things we do ammo run.
Too bad they didn't have the things we wanted for the prices we wanted them.
One of these days...
PS.  I think that's the most ammo on the shelf I've seen in a long time.

We found this adorable little house online and went to go visit the neighborhood Saturday night after church.
We found out that there was an open house the next day, so we went!
Oh, I loved everything about that house...except there was no backyard.

So...I will admit that I have never had a leek.
I'll also admit that they sounded disgusting to me.
While in the grocery store, I had to google a picture of a leek so I would know what I was looking for....and then I You Tubed a video on how to chop it.
Yay for modern day technology!!
Oh, and they aren't disgusting.

With all this back to school-ness going on, I was really feeling sad.
Sad because I love school supplies.  Seriously.
It's like Christmas for me...getting new school supplies.
I did go get a new notebook (and used my new Cartwheel app at Target).
I used the notebook this week when I listened to a couple webinars!
Taking notes {with my pink pen} made me miss school a bit {but definitely not the tests}.
I've always liked learning...and I'm a huge note-taker.

Okay...another thing.
I'm starting out on a new adventure, which I'm totally excited about.
I hope to share that with y'all a little later because it deserves a post of its own, but I would love it if you'd all like my page on facebook!
I can't wait to share this with you!

And here's your laugh for the day:

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. yummy...outback! That's one of the hubs and my favorites too!! We should double date there sometime!

    Oh, and I fixed the issue with my GCF but you'll have to follow my new blog at


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