Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I'm Loving Thursday--Health and Fitness Edition

Being active in the fitness community has allowed me to find some pretty awesome people and gadgets.
Today I want to share with you what I'm loving and how I integrate it into my workout!


About a month ago, I got this sweet Polar Heart Rate Monitor as one of my rewards for reaching a fitness goal that I had.
I absolutely love it!
I use it when I work out...whether it's walking/running or doing a body weight workout.
I love it for the information that it shares with me.
It helps me work toward my goals.
I also wear it as a watch!

Get yours here!

About a year ago, I heard about Body by Vi...and how the shakes taste like "cake batter."
I ordered a month's worth and found it absolutely disgusting. Blech.
I figured that the only reason people were talking it up was so that they could get their's free.

So when I heard about Shakeology, I wasn't sold.
I did some research and I talked to some people that I knew used it.
They seemed to like it...and there's no "selling" it, so I knew it was a genuine answer.
I decided to purchase some, and at first I wasn't sure about it.
But there are so many different things you can put in the shake to make it "yours."
Now I love it and use it everyday!!
I really like that they offer "vegan" options. 
Currently I'm dairy free, so this was right up my ally!


Do you plan your workouts?
Do you track your workouts?

I never did until just recently (and it's easier to track now with my HRM).
Tracking everything has also helped me figure out what I'm doing wrong when I get stuck.
I can use it to help me get out of the rut that I'm in.

Here's my planner and what it looks like on a monthly basis.

I always write in what the goal is for the month.  In August, I am to run/walk 55 miles and use that hashtag on instagram and facebook.

I write in my workouts during the week.  I'm currently doing the Witness the Fitness workout challenge with Betty Rocker.  I also write in my mileage when I get finished with it!

I also keep a separate notebook with my workouts.  You can find this specific workout here.
I write out my workout stats from my HRM as well.

 The object of me keeping track is also to see how far I've come.
I love looking back on a workout and seeing that I've improved my plank time or that I did more reps.
It keeps me motivated and focused on my goals.


At the end of June, I was finding new people to follow on Instagram (IG).
One thing led to another and I ended up at Betty Rocker's website.
She was leading a 30 Day Bodyweight Workout Challenge, and I was in.
I completed the challenge in July and felt awesome.

Here's why she's cool:
1.  She makes up bodyweight workouts.  That means you don't have to be in a gym and you don't have to have any accessories/weights to do them.  You just use your own body weight.
{Think that sounds easy?  I just dare you to try one.}

2.  She created a facebook group for the 30 day challenge.  Not only did she create it and give advice, but she answered everyone's questions.  She is awesome for doing this...and she does it now in the VIP Program.

3.  She loved the 30 Day Challenge group so much, that she created a VIP program for those who wanted to keep moving as well as new people who want to join.  Seriously...she gives you a new workout each month, along with 2-3 new recipes (that are going in her cookbook) for a LOW, LOW price.

4.  She does her research.  She is well versed in so many things regarding fitness and food.  I know that what she says has been researched and figured out before she says it.

5.  Her Body Fuel System is awesome!  I'm currently on Week 3 now and it feels so great to eat clean (unprocessed foods) and be dairy and gluten free.

What things are you loving right now?
Do you workout with any specific gadgets or do any specific workout?

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