Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Float Trip

Back in June, I went to Tyler's family reunion.
I told him that if I had to go to his, he had to go to mine.
Besides, I'd been to his 3 different years and he'd never been to mine.
Fair trade, right?
I thought so.
Ours is always the first Sunday in August.
Always has and probably always will be.
It was on the calendar and I just know that he was counting down the days. :)

However, last weekend when I called my Dad, he said they had gotten a bit of rain.
Now that is a miracle in itself.
Normally the drought is in full-swing by now and the guys are in irrigation mode.
He told me that if it rains a bit more, we might go floating on Saturday.
That was okay with of our family's favorite things to do is spontaneously go floating.
I say spontaneous because that's the only time we go floating...if we get rain.

Well, it was supposed to rain all weekend long!
But we decided to go anyway.  
It turned out to be a beautiful day!
My aunt, uncle, and 3 of their kids went with there were 13 of us total!

My favorite time was on the way back home.
We were all in the van together playing games that our family is known for:
"Muck-a-luck" and "The Spelling Game."
Then we ended up singing songs that we used to sing on the road when I was a kid:
"Oh You Can't Get to Heaven...," "Oh How I Love Jesus," etc.
We laughed a lot.  
It did my heart so much good.

I had such an incredible day just hanging out with the people I love and getting to share it all with my husband.
He got a taste of what our family really is.

My dad really wanted to go zip lining...he wouldn't tell you how much, but you could definitely see it in his face.
My mom got to go with him...along with my brother, his girlfriend, and our cousin, Carl.
They had a blast!!

And of course, I recorded them...
so for your enjoyment:

lowercase letters

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  1. I love posts like this that share life! Looks like a blast! Love, Rachael @ inking the heart


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