Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hawaii--Part Four

Are you sick of my trip pictures yet?
I still have a week's worth left...haha!!

Sunday night we flew over to Kauai.
It was only about a half hour flight, so we were thankful since it was 10:30 when we got there!
We had to drive clear to the north side of the island, which took FOREVER at 1:00 am.
The rental car place took FOR.EV.ER.
Then we stopped to buy some food at the midnight.
We got there and crashed.

We rented a treehouse for the week.
It was AWESOME!!!!!!

The view off our balcony in our room.

We loved having a king size bed...and it was SO comfy!!

On Monday, my parents, Tyler and I all went sightseeing.  We were really close to the Kalalau Trail (which was BEAUTIFUL), so we headed in that direction.

We got to see a Monk Seal.  They are endangered, so they put signs up and you're not allowed to go near them.  He was so cute!!

We started up the Kalalau Trail, but it was wet and steep.  It's an 11 mile (?) trail that can take up to 8 hours to hike.  We only went up a quarter of a mile to see the lookout area.

Shortly after, we headed back towards the south side of the island.

Gas is expensive there.

I made Tyler take this picture with me at our lunch stop.
We stopped at Banana Joe's Fruit stand for dessert!

Their avocados were HUGE!!!

I was super excited to find a treat that had no added sugar or dairy in it.  It was pure pineapple made into a frozen treat!
We stopped to see a lighthouse....pretty!
Dad had also spotted we're glad he had his binoculars!!

We made our way over to see the Spouting Horn, which is a blowhole and VERY cool.

We stopped to eat on the way back to the treehouse.
It was a super cute town!!

Alrighty...that sums up our Monday.
Come back tomorrow for Part 5!

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