Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stitch Fix #2 and #3

Well...I'm slow at reporting on my Stitch Fix.
So lucky for you, I'm sharing Stitch Fix #2 and #3 today!

Here's a rundown of my second stitch fix!

This dress was adorable, but unfortunately, I'm well-endowed and the scallops fell in the wrong place.    It wasn't too flattering...even my husband noted that.

This shirt was super light weights and would have been perfect for summer days...however, again, it was a little tight through the chest.

This jacket was cute and comfy.  It just happened to, again, be too small in the chest.  

This necklace was super cute and totally would have gone with the dress.  Sadly, I'm not big on gold and I didn't have anything else to wear it with.

What I did end up keeping was this super soft, super comfy, super long shirt!  You can dress it up or dress it down!  This may not be the most flatter picture...well, it's a #workbathroomselfie.  Ha!  But I love the shirt.

Here's my third Stitch Fix.

When I pulled this dress out, I knew it was a keeper.  Then I put it on.  It was WAY too short for me.  Keep in mind that my front knee is bent a bit and I have thick legs, so I can't cross them very easily.  Therefore, this dress was out.  It's kind of a bummer, because it was cute.

This maxi skirt was SUPER cute too!!  The shirt I paired with it may not have been super flattering with it, but it was hot that day.    I didn't keep the skirt though...

I really wasn't too sure about this shirt when I pulled it out.  But I ended up really liking it!  And I kept it!  My mom kept telling me she liked the white jeans when I sent her pictures...those already are mine.  haha!

I really liked the color options in this fix.  Everything was super bright!  This shirt was unique since it had a zipper in the back.  I liked how loose it was through the chest (for once!!), but it was too tight for comfort around my mid-section, which I do not need to highlight.  Therefore, it went back.

This bag also came in the fix, but I do not need any more bags, so it went back as well.  It was huge and reversible...but I already have a TON of bags!

Whew!! That was FUN!! I LOVE getting clothes sent straight to my door and being able to try them on in the comfort of my own home with clothes I already have.

Want to get your own box of happy?  
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Next time, I'll try to be more timely with my Stitch Fix posts! :)

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