Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Little Container Garden

Growing up, my mom planted a garden.
Dad or Grandpa would come disk it or field cultivate it with the tractor and then we'd plant it.
Sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans were a given.  Always.
I hated planting it, but what I hated even more was pulling weeds.  AH!
I always said that I would NOT be having a garden when I grow up.

Ya know what I think?
I think that all the things you say you're not going to do as a child, you end up doing and ENJOYING it!
I said I would not cook.  I would not plant a garden. And I would not have boring walls in my house.
Well...all three things have happened.  And yes, I like them.

When I moved into my own place, I wanted to spruce the place up, so I got a pot and some flowers.
Then when we moved to St. Louis, my mom helped me pick out flowers to plant at our apartment.  
I wanted to try container gardening, but we didn't have enough sunlight or space.
So I waited until we had a house.
Now I think I bug my husband with all my ideas of things I want to dig up and plant. :)

I went home in April for Easter and my mom took me over to the greenhouse in the country that we always go to.  
Ever since I was introduced to Betty Rocker, I started cooking with fresh herbs.
I decided that I wanted to grow some herbs in my container garden, so I picked some up at the greenhouse, along with tomatoes and peppers.

I went to Menard's one evening after work and picked up some pots, soil, and a few flowers.

We have this rock in the front of our house that is maroon...and matches our shutters.  
I actually want to get rid of it and replace it with mulch, but I assume that project will happen next year.
Anyway, I stole some of the rock and put it in the bottom of my pots.  I just wanted to make sure it would drain well.  It's not necessarily needed, but what the heck...

Then I added the soil to the pots.

Here it is after I got all the plants planted!

And here it is today:

I've got 4 Roma tomato plants, 4 plants of red peppers, and 4 plants of yellow peppers, a pot with sage and thyme, a pot with 4 basil plants, a hanging pot of 4 cilantro plants, and two pots of flowers and a boot (soon to be 2 boots) of strawberry plants.

I am very excited to hopefully make tomato sauce and salsa this year, as well as use the herbs to cook with! :)
Oh and I just got the tomato cages today...I color coordinated them with my pots.  I'm cool like that! haha!
I'm pretty proud of this cute little container garden.  I can't wait to reap the harvest!

Do you have a garden?  What have you planted in it?

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