Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Weekend Getaway

Monday has come and gone.  I hate Mondays.  They're awful!  Especially coming off of a really great weekend.  I was really tired yesterday, but let's hope that it won't be a week long thing...I don't know when I'll be catching up on my sleep any time soon.

My family came up to St. Louis on Friday afternoon.  They haven't been up here since we moved, and I was really excited to show them around.  Our joke was that it wasn't going to be until Thanksgiving that they would be able to come up since Dad and the boys are so heavily involved in farming right now.  However, they took a little break and made it up early!  We were excited to see them!

On Friday night, we ordered pizza and just hung out at our apartment.  It was a nice relaxing, low-key night.  We hit up our pool, and it was actually really cool...a little too cool.

It's so awesome to have a couch that [most] everyone can sit on!  They loved it, and some of them even took a nap on it! 

On Saturday morning, Tyler and Ben went to see the new Batman movie.  I'm glad Tyler had someone to go with, because I didn't want to go see it.  The rest of us headed to the zoo.  We saw the sea lions (I want to see the show sometime), and the elephants, and a whole lot more.

We rode the train around the park...super fun!  We even rode on the carousel!  I really wanted to ride on the caterpillar, because butterflies are my favorite.  But my family was way ahead of that one, so I rode on an ostrich instead.  Dad rode the lion...fitting. :]

We met up with Tyler and Ben, ate a super late lunch (around 2:30) at Subway, decided that we were gonna go to the Cardinals' game the next day, ordered tickets, and then headed out to the cemetery.  Mom wanted to visit her grandparents because she hadn't been there since they had passed away.

Later that evening, we headed downtown via the Metrolink.  Tyler and I are huge fans of the public transportation because we don't have to deal with game traffic or even having to pay to park downtown.  

We got off at the Arch and were hoping to go up in it, but it was all sold out.  Bummer.  

Instead, we walked around the Arch museum, and headed to go find supper.  And yes, it was a late supper...about 9:00. :]  But it was at this quaint little restaurant and we got to sit outside near the street.

We got to see fireworks from where we were sitting.  They were pretty sweet. 

By the time we got our food, the people from the game were coming down to party it up.  We sat around for a little bit before we decided to head back to our cars.  

         I had the Crab Cake Sandwich...but really, I just ate the crab cake.

There was a Nelly concert that night, and a ton of college aged kids crammed into the Metro.  It was ridiculous!  It was so hot and loud.

By the time we got back, we were exhausted.  I checked my pedometer, and I had a reason to be tired.  I met my daily step goal by an excessive 6,000 steps.  I had also walked over 7 miles.  Whew!

On Sunday morning, we headed to the early service at church.  We ate a quick bite at the Galleria Mall before we got back on the Metro to head to the baseball game.  We were so excited to go with the family!  Ben had gotten us super awesome seats (even if it was nose-bleed section).  We had the perfect view of the game!

On the way to the game, we saw these girls with these shirts!  I just had a take a picture!  

Ben took this picture, so he's not in it.  Brian and Hailey had gotten seats in section 101, so they didn't sit with us.  

Brian and Hailey are sitting in the 7th row.

This guy in front of us got this huge helmet full of nachos!  Took 4 people to eat them all!

Ben wanted to show off his guns. :]

After the game was over, we all went to IHOP to eat.  I got some lovely Red Velvet pancakes.  They were delicious!!!  Two of my mom's brothers came up for the game.  We also called my cousins to come meet us for supper.  There were lots of people, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :]

From there, my family had to leave.  It was really hard to say goodbye because we had such a wonderful weekend!  Hopefully, they'll get to come up again sometime.  But it really might be Thanksgiving before they come again.

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