Friday, July 27, 2012

Real Life

I'm sorry, today I'm not sharing any recipes with you.  Instead, I'm going to tell you the reason why.

I'm exhausted.

Tyler and I have not really had a weekend to ourselves since before the 4th of July.  We went home to my home the weekend after the 4th of July, Tyler's parents came the weekend after that.  This past weekend, my family was here.  Tonight, we're driving to Kansas City for my best friend's wedding reception.  Next weekend, I may have a chance to breathe.  All that's on my radar screen is a Cardinals game.

Let's just be honest...because this is what this blog is all about:  Real life.  I don't remember the last time I cleaned my apartment.'s a disaster because we're never home.  I come home from work at night and all I want to do is sit on the couch because I've been so tired.  I go to bed at 10 every night so I can get my full 8 hours of sleep in (yes, I am that person).

So my house is a mess.  The laundry hardly gets done anymore, as it sits in the dryer most of the time.  And I'm tired.  Oh, and I hurt my back last week, so now I've been going to the chiropractor after work.

If you think about it, will you pray for me?  I've been taking an iron supplement.  I've been eating really healthy and paying attention to the things that I'm eating.  I've been trying to tweak my diet to get the nutrients that I need.  I make myself walk a lot, but I'm still tired.  I don't really know what's going on, other than I've been running and running and running and I haven't caught my breath yet.

I am not superwoman.  I can't go all week long and then keep going every, single weekend.  And honestly?  Superwoman needs a break too.  She has to recharge her batteries somehow.  I don't even think Tyler and I have had a moment to ourselves because we just keep going.  

Maybe next weekend will be the puzzle piece that I'm missing.  I hope so, but I'm wishing it would come sooner.  God has been sustaining me these last few weeks, and I'm not kidding.  Every day I pray that I can just make it through the day.  He is good.

How about I make ya a deal?  You pray for me, and I'll pray for you. :]  That's what being a Christian is all about...praying for each other; carrying each other's burdens (Galations 6:2).  If you have specific requests, leave it in the comments and I'll put you on my dashboard and pray for you everyday on my way to work. :]

Sometimes real life sucks.  But because God's Grace is sufficient, His power will be made perfect in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

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  1. go you're right friend. God's grace IS enough. Thank goodness for that.


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