Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2nd Anniversary Getaway

This past weekend, we celebrated our anniversary.
Tyler has been working on a BIG account at work and has been stressed to the max.
So I said that I would be willing to plan this year's adventure.

And plan, I did.
I love planning events.
We are trying to save up for a big vacation in February to help celebrate Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary, so I figured that I would keep this weekend low key.
But I still wanted to celebrate because anniversaries are worth celebrating.
Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

I planned a getaway in our own city.
I wrote down ideas of things we hadn't seen or been to since moving to St. Louis.
We had both been to several of these places, but not together.
I wrote out a clue for each place we were going, and Tyler got to open it and try to guess what we were going to be doing.

I should have known that after last year's getaway (and this post too), nothing would go right.

Friday night (pics 1-3) started off great!  We went to a Dine-in Movie!  They just renovated one of the theaters here in town to create these dine-in movie theaters.  Yes, it's a bit pricey and no, I wouldn't do this on a regular basis.  But I wanted to kick our anniversary weekend off with something fun!  We sat in recliners, had wait service, and ordered food to eat during the movie!  It was so much fun!

Saturday morning, we headed out to get massages.  Tyler was not excited.  You should have seen the look on his face.  But he had received a gift card from a co-worker, so we were going to use it.  And that's where things started going wrong.  We learned that there was a zero balance on the gift card!  It was kinda comical...but we paid and went on our way.  (Pics 4-5 show you how great he felt after the massage!)  

We headed out to Grant's Farm afterward (Pics 6-9).  It took us an hour and a half to even get in.  Ridiculous.  And honestly, not worth it.  It was fun and definitely an experience, but because it was 70 degrees that day, everyone and their brother thought it'd be a great idea to go!

After Grant's Farm, we headed to get Gus' Pretzels.  These are well known for some reason in this city.  The only reason I can think of why is because they're super 50-cents-a-pretzel-cheap.  They taste like a regular pretzels. :)

We headed to check in at our hotel and took a much needed nap!  The view from our window was fantastic!  We got upgraded to the "Executive Floor," which just means it's really high up, and once the guy who checked us in found out that it was our anniversary, he gave us 2 free drinks and 2 free breakfast buffets.  Wanna know how you can get me to like you?  Feed me. :)

We were supposed to eat supper at the 360 Restaurant and Bar which was located on the 26th floor of our hotel, looking out over Busch Stadium and downtown, BUT it was packed full of already-drunk-people and there were no tables available.  I was super bummed, but my husband reminded me that we just gotta go with the flow.  He was totally okay with it.  So we went back to the first floor of our hotel and ate dinner at the restaurant down there, which was still delicious.

We headed out to the City Garden after dinner.  It's really just this little "park" with abstract art and fun fountains that you can play in.

On Sunday morning, we were supposed to eat breakfast at the Starbucks in our hotel, but that was a nicely-ruined surprise and we ate at the hotel buffet instead with our free ticket.  So glad it was free, because it was $16 a person...holy cow!!!

I told Tyler that our next activity just had to go as planned.  And that's because we were headed to the top of the Arch!  I love being up high and seeing the surroundings.  It's so beautiful!  We got our pressed penny, too!

For lunch, we headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown.  It was a really neat place to go, but the food wasn't that great.  We tend to steer clear of Italian places (mainly because it's ridiculous to pay that much for pasta when it doesn't cost that much), and I think we'll continue to stick with that plan. :)

We got Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard that afternoon, which is another thing I don't see the hype about.  It tastes like Andy's, if you ask me (and I don't see the hype about it either).  If you ask me where I want ice cream from, my answer will be one of two places:  Braum's or Dairy Queen. :)   I guess we wouldn't make very good "St. Louis Natives."  We don't like very many of their specialties...  Good thing we're not!  haha!

Tyler had received a "Wild Card" to do whatever else he wanted to do.  He took me to the go-carts.  And not just any go-carts.  FAST 45 mph go-carts.  Where they encourage you to use your brake!! It was a LOT of fun...he won and I lost. :)

Yesterday was our actual anniversary, and I came home to the most beautiful pink roses!  They are so fragrant that my kitchen smells like roses.  Absolutely gorgeous!!  

Last evening, we went to The Muny to see Mary Poppins.  It was so wonderful!!  It only misted on us for about the first 45 minutes, but after that it turned out to be a great evening!  I am glad I brought a towel to dry off our seats, though!  :)

We had a wonderful weekend away together.  It's really nice to just put "real life" on hold to getaway sometimes!


  1. That was fun! Nothing I ever plan goes as I plan it. Just keep rolling!

  2. that sounds like fun!! We have never had a getaway with just the hubs and I! We may have to do something like this!! If you want amazing Italian I recommended Charlie Gittos on the hill! It is so worth every.single.penny! Happy Anniversary!! :)


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