Sunday, March 25, 2012


We are officially residents of St. Louis County.  Whew.  What a weekend!  We are incredibly blessed to have such great and willing family members.  My uncle Marty let us store our things in his basement for 3 months.  My uncle Mike got the van and trailer ready for our move, and he and my aunt Cathy came to help us pack up yesterday.  Tyler's parents came down to Lamar on Friday night to help us pack up and move.  They were great help as we unloaded and tried to get situated in our new apartment.  I'm so grateful for everyone's help!! We couldn't have done it without them.  

I also must stop and brag on Tyler a bit.  He drove the van and trailer, which were both fully loaded, all the way to St. Louis.  I'm so very proud of him and he did a great job!!  I must add, that this wasn't just any van.  It was a 15 passenger van with all the seats out.  So he probably felt like he was driving a semi. :]

We got the call on the way back to Missouri on Friday night that Tyler doesn't have to go back to Oklahoma City this next week.  We were very excited to say the least.  I think he's pretty excited to start learning the ropes of the STL office.  If he's not, I am for him. :]

I thought I would share some goals this week.  My main focus will be settling in, but if I don't have some other goals I will get off track.

But first, here's a recap of last week's goals:
1. Watch last DVD session for Bible Study.
2. Start my new Bible Study.  (not gonna lie...that didn't happen)
3. Start a new book.  (this didn't happen either)
4. Contact Christi at Honey Pot.  (the cake is gonna be beautiful!)
5. Make a list of everything needed to be purchased for Mackenzie's bridal shower.
6. Contact the utility company in STL.
7. Contact AT&T for Internet in STL (this is Tyler's job, but it still needs to be done this week.)
8. Start packing things to be moved.
9. Continue to work out and eat healthy.  (I didn't eat as healthy as I would have wished to this weekend, but the past week was great!)
10. Continue to job search.  (I found 2 at Washington University that I'm going to apply for!)
11. Continue to make the budget.  (getting closer for it being done)

This week's goals are:
1.  Continue to unpack and settle in.
2.  Make a grocery list and go shopping.
3.  Start new Bible study.
4.  Work out (in the new fitness center) and eat healthy.
5.  Start accumulating coupons again.
6.  Job search (and apply?)
7.  Update my resume.
8.  Buy a washer and dryer.

I think that will keep me pretty busy.  I also need to find my way around this shall be an interesting week!  I'll keep you updated!  Also, before and after pictures of the apartment are to come!  Stay tuned! :]

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