Monday, October 22, 2012

Bits of the Weekend

Here's a bit from our weekend!

We went home, as in to Southwest Missouri to see my family.  My brothers were home on Fall Break, so we went for the weekend.

My mom took Tyler and I to an estate sale on Saturday morning.  It was  This was my first time to have a real number and to bid!  I didn't actually think I would win anything, but I went away with a lovely bookshelf.  Tyler was hoping for some guns, but they were too much money.

We got to eat lunch all together!  That never happens.  I was glad to have us all together...even as ornery as my brothers are.  I still love them.

My momma bought us a cookie to celebrate.
Why were we celebrating???
Tyler and I are DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!
We are so excitedrelievedhappyecstatic, you name it, we are!
Honestly, it is ONLY by the grace of God that we got it paid off so fast.
The whole living in OKC thing was a blessing in disguise.
We didn't pay for anything but food and gas while we were there, and the rest of Tyler's paycheck went to his loan.
Oh did I mention we got it all paid off in less than 10 months?
Oh, and did I also mention that I didn't have a job for 6 of those months?
Yep...all of that was GOD, people!!!
He has blessed us!!!

We also went flying
...for a whole 10 minutes or so.
One of my childhood friends is getting her pilot's license.
How cool is she??

What makes my heart the absolute happiest?
Knowing that my husband fits in with "the guys."
It really made my heart melt to see him standing there with my brother, uncle, and dad.
I had to capture the moment.
I'm blessed that he fits in with my family so well.
Oh, and it was totally his idea to go visit them this weekend.
He's the best!

Today starts a NEW day with She Reads Truth.
Are you reading with us?
If so, let me know!
I'm so excited to read Philippians!
If you're not or don't know anything about it, you can check it out here.
It is NEVER too late to dig into the Word.
This plan is 11 days long, so why don't you give it a try?

Also, I'm still having a sale in my shop.
There are lots of things still available!
I've got to make room for new Christmas items that will be out shortly!
Oh, and if you're on facebook, go like my shop's page.
When we reach 75 likes, there will be a giveaway!

How was your weekend?
What did you do?

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