Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Blog

Recently, I've received verbal comments from a couple people who've read my blog.
They say I should be a writer.
Well, let me tell ya something....
My brother is the writer of the family.
If you don't believe me, ask him if you can read the intro to his book called, 
"You Don’t Want to Date Her: A Guide to Avoiding Psychotic Women."
Of if you're facebook friends with him, you can find it in his notes.
He truly has the talent of captivating an audience that I don't have.

Let me share with you why I blog.
I write because it's a way to express myself.
I used to keep a journal, but now it's electronic and everyone can read it.

I began this blog a little over a year ago, about a month before I got married.
I wanted to remember my feelings, thoughts, struggles, triumphs.
I wanted a way to journal what it's like to be a newlywed.
I wanted a way to journal my way of becoming a woman after God's own heart.

I've shared with you the road of transition this past year.
I've shared with you our achievements.
My hurts.
My struggles.
My blessings.
My heart.
I've put it out there, because I've wanted to be transparent.

The real reason I blog?
It's my hope that the people who read this will be able to learn from my experiences.
I want to encourage you.
I want to be real with you.
I want to be able to pray for you.
I want to be able to shine God's light in this very dark world.

Right now this is my way of reaching the world.
In my year of blogging, people from 10 different countries have read this blog.
I've had 8,265 page views, and I have 22 followers.
If this little blog has encouraged you, then it's reached its goal.

I just want you to know:
You are not alone in this big, scary world.  
I hope that in my writing you can feel the love that Christ has for you.
I'm not perfect.  I mess up.  A lot.
But by the blood of Christ, I'm blameless.
And you can be too, if you're not already covered in His Grace.

I know that I have more than 22 readers.
If you read my posts, will you comment and introduce yourself?
I would love to know who you are. :)

Don't let my writing fool you.
I'm an imperfect girl, who loves Jesus, and wants to share my heart with you.

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