Monday, October 29, 2012

Mondays Are Always Random

It's Monday
...and we had a random weekend.
It was a very good one,
filled with family and friends.

The next several weeks months are going to be busy.
We have lots of things planned:
family visiting, Vegas, Thanksgiving is in there, birthday weekend extravaganza with family, Christmas will be here sooner than we think.  
I'm trying to soak it all in and enjoy life while it flies by me.

Here's just a look at what our weekend held for us:

Well, this isn't technically from the weekend, but last week I found my college diploma and took it to my office.  What better a place to put in, than on display?
I thought it was a good idea. :]

On Friday evening, we met a couple from our small group at a restaurant.
Then we went to pick out pumpkins!
I had so much fun with them.
I love getting to know each couple in our small group a little better.

{Tyler found this was awesome-looking!  Too bad I didn't have $45 to spend on one.}

{Tyler was a good sport about it...even though it wasn't his cup of tea.}

{The front facing camera on my iPhone is grainy, but this is still a fairly good picture.}

 {This was our haul...I love having them to decorate my house with!!}

{When we got home from getting pumpkins, I made pumpkin pie bars to take to Tyler's family get together the next day.  We still hadn't turned on our heat, so I let the heat from the oven warm us's kinda redneck. :] }

{I woke up on Saturday morning to my sweet husband making me breakfast:  cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker.}

{Before heading out of town, we stopped at the post office to mail some goodies from my shop.  20% off through tomorrow!!}

{On the way to his grandparent's house, we stopped on the side of the road to buy some Amish baked goods.}

{We stood by a fire to warm was chilly this weekend.}

{Sunday called for us getting up and going to the early service.  We were having guests over for lunch, which we needed to prepare for.  No, I don't own more than 4 matching plates (other than my fine china that was gifted to me by my lovely aunt).  Oh, and the fall trivet was made by my momma and the pumpkins came from Friday night!}

{On Sunday afternoon, I finally went shopping.  I was in desperate need of some winter/long sleeved clothes, especially for work.  I hadn't been shopping for clothes since June, right before I started my it was about time.}

Last night ended in some relaxation on the couch while we watched our favorite Sunday night shows.
What did YOU do this weekend?
Anything exciting??

Happy Monday, friends!
May you shine your light, bright for Christ this week!

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