Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not a Fan.

I write this post, today, with jumbled emotions.
I tend to write when I need to sort things out
or when I'm happy and want to share things
or when my heart is overflowing with something I've learned.

I write, today, with all of the above reasons.
Tuesday night, Tyler and I went to Life Group.
Our church is starting a series based on the book, "Not a Fan," by Kyle Idleman.
Have you read it?
I'd love to know what you think of it!

We're reading it and discussing it in our Life Groups as well.
It's church-wide.
It's convicting.

{Enter this week's emotions.}

Some questions were asked in Life Group that just made me think.
Am I a fan or am I a follower of Jesus Christ?

I am so glad that I've blogged my journey over the past year or so.
I can see how much I've grown over the past months.
To be able to see how God had this in His plans.
How everything lined up perfectly.

First, last year {about this time}, I was learning that God could do immeasurably more than I thought.
We never thought we'd be called to move to St. Louis,
But even way before the thought of moving or the job opportunity, God was preparing us.
We struggled through three months in Oklahoma City, which was also a blessing.
And now we're here in this still new-to-us city for we-don't-know-how-long.

I've learned about putting God first.
Tyler and I decided to also put our debt as a {second} priority.
It wasn't too difficult.
And look at us now.
Half of 4 years' college tuition is paid off!

After patiently {or impatiently, some days} waiting for what seemed like months...oh wait, it was...
we now have a small group.
We love them!!
We are excited to get to know them a whole lot better and to learn from them and with them.

I've been reading with She Reads Truth
and I cannot tell you in words what it has meant to me.
I've been so blessed.

I've also been blessed with lots of new blog friends who continually challenge me in my walk with Christ.
I've been convicted to not just read the Word, but to memorize it.

These things in my life have all made me who I am today.
I look back and I see the hand of God in all of it.
Yes, I was miserable at times.
But He was teaching me to rely on Him.
Yes, I was lonely at times.
But He was teaching me that I only need Him.
Yes, I was happy at times.
And He was still teaching me to be grateful for what I have.
Yes, I was overwhelmed with contentment at times.
And He was teaching me that I am abundantly blessed.

Now what?
God has shown us the blessing in obeying Him.
I pray that I will never be a fan of his ever again.
I want to be a sold-out committed follower of His for the rest of my life.
If He's calling me overseas, I will go.
If He's calling me to motherhood, I will go.
If He's calling me to going deeper in my church, I will go.
If He never calls me back to Springfield, then I will stay and serve Him wherever I am.
If He never calls me to do any of the things above, then I will still praise Him.

I am not a fan.

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  1. Lovely post Beth! Loving your sincere heart on the matter:)


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