Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scarfament 2012

I just participated in my second blog swap! 
This time it was the Scarfament 2012 swap.
We got paired up with partners across the U.S. and were to send them and ornament and a scarf.
I got paired up with the lovely, Rachel!
She's the sweetest, really!  
Please, go over, say hi and get to know her! :)
She also has a beautiful shop!!

We exchanged some emails about ourselves and what we liked.
Man, she's good.
She hit the nail on the head, and I was so giddy as I opened my package!
She made me this amazing infinity scarf!
It's SUPER-duper warm {I tried it out when Tyler and I went shopping the other night}, and stylish!
*Please ignore the awkward, grainy, front-facing iPhone picture.

She also gave me not one, but two! ornaments.
And if these don't scream "BETH," I don't know what does.

What she doesn't know is that blue and pink were our wedding colors.
They are also our favorite colors.
Tyler's is blue and mine is pink.
I had to do some rearranging {sorry, Mom!} on my tree to get them where I wanted.
But they look AWESOME! :)
*Notice the bottom of my awesome ribbon tree in the background.

I think I love swaps.
Oh wait!
I know I do!
I just love meeting new people, and being able to send someone *happy mail.*
It was so much fun getting to meet Rachel, and I look forward to getting to know her even better!

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