Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 Before 25: An Update

So I know I've mentioned my "25 Before 25 List."
Actually, I posted it on my 24th birthday...you can read the whole post here if you want (warning:  it's a doozey). 
Most of the items are an ongoing thing, but there are several that I can actually cross off, which I'm pretty excited about!  

So here's an update as of today:
  1. Itemize our tax deductions.
  2. Send a handwritten note to 48 different people.  (written 7)
  3. Go to the Muny to see a show.
  4. Become better at apologizing.  
  5. Print a wedding canvas or a big picture.  (we received it 1/14/13)
  6. Go to a St. Louis Blues game. (at least we're back in business....)
  7. Have friends over to our home.  (we had them over on 1/12/13)
  8. Make (or at least start) a quilt.
  9. Be financially free from our parents.  (getting there...I now own my car)
  10. Memorize 25 Bible verses and be able to recite all of them.
  11. Make 25 crockpot meals that are yummy enough to put on our meal rotation.
  12. Go camping with my husband.  In a tent.
  13. Take a trip on the Amtrak.
  14. Participate in Girls Trip 2013.
  15. Sew something just for me. (I made a cowl infinity scarf and some coasters.)
  16. Sell 100 items on etsy.  (sold 53 items)
  17. Participate in 25 random acts of kindness.  (I have done 5)
  18. Start and finish a whole spool of floss.
  19. Keep a running birthday/Christmas list all year 'round.
  20. Start saving for a house...in an account.
  21. Keep a journal (either written or photos) of what I'm thankful for, for the entire year.
  22. Find a ministry at our church to serve in.
  23. Enjoy one night a month with my husband and no gadgets.
  24. Find some sort of "consistency" in my etsy business.
  25. Fall even more in love with Jesus.
I am still excited to see what will happen over the next year.  I've been learning lots about myself and about my relationship with Christ.  Somethings have come to surface while doing some of these things on my list.  That's a good thing.  You can't grow without change and you can't change without knowledge of the thing you're doing wrong.  I hope to go deeper...to really find myself in Christ this year.

How is your list going?  Or your goals?

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