Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bunton Christmas 2012

My parents' house is magical at Christmastime.
My mom just really knows how to decorate.
And I didn't even get it all!!

These are just some scenes from my family Christmas:
Opening gifts at 11:00 pm.  I have never done that before.
Playing Monopoly Deal.
Playing the Wii.  I love that my dad plays with us!

We had Bunton Christmas at my Granny's house on Saturday.
It included:

  • looking at old Family Calendars
  • looking a pictures from past mission trips (my brother is giving his "report" in the picture above)
  • singing Christmas carols (and yes, my Granny at 83 years old still plays her piano)
  • going around and telling a favorite Christmas memory from this year
  • My cousin, Carl, reading out of Matthew 2
  • My cousin, Luke, reading a poem he wrote for my Granny (which left us all in tears)
  • receiving this year's family calendar
  • and going to church together on Sunday morning (my cousin Conrad is my Granny's buddy).

I am so blessed to have an extended family that always gets together to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  We all love the Lord, and it's so awesome to see it.  We are a crazy bunch of people, but anyone would do anything for anyone else.  I love them!  And I love that my husband is just as crazy and fits right in!! :)

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