Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scrappy Coasters

I don't get to craft or sew much during the week since I work full time.
So on my weekends, I try to get something done...especially while football is on. :)
Today I sat down at the computer to see what I could make with the fabric I already have on hand.  Of course, that's where Pinterest comes in. 

I had already pinned some things to make with fat quarters, one of those things being these coasters.  They seemed simple, and I didn't need much fabric, which is good because I only tend to purchase fat quarters or remnants.  So I went to my fabric stash and picked out my fabric and 15 minutes later, I had one already finished!!

What you need:

  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler (not necessary, but highly suggested)
  • 2-3 prints of fabric
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Cotton quilter's batting or felt
  • Pins
  • Scissors
What you do:
  • Pick out your fabric and cut them into 4" x 4" squares.

  • Next, choose which pieces will go on the top of the coaster.  Iron those in half.

 Isn't this the cutest "ironing board" you ever did see? My mom and dad gave it to me for Christmas!  It folds up into a cute little purse!

  • Next, layer the pieces, keeping the top pieces close together in the middle.  Layer the felt or batting (I used felt) on bottom, the full square (which will be the bottom of the coaster) in the middle, and the top pieces on top. 

  •  Pin to keep in place.

  • Next, sew around the entire square.  It doesn't even matter what color of thread you won't see it! (I used pink because it was still threaded in my machine.)

  • Cut the corners off.

  • From the middle, turn the coaster inside out.  I used a crochet hook to poke my corners out.

Wa-la!! You're finished!  Now you have super cute coasters for your home! :)

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