Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!! :)
I can't believe it's 2013 already.
Crazy how the years just fly by!

Do you make resolutions?
I used to when I was younger because it was the "cool thing to do."
Then I realized that nobody ever keeps them.
It's a good concept, too bad we can't follow through.

I have to admit, I saw my Instagram friend, Jessica post her "One Little Word" the other day and I thought it was a spectacular idea!
So I started brainstorming a list of words that could be mine.
Some of them included:  authentic, intentional, boldness, quiet, enough.
I woke up today and have just been in a "mood" all day.
So with the word grace at the top of the list, I decided that it needed to be my word for 2013.
When I get in one of these moods, I just don't have patience for anyone.
So God was talking to me loud and clear this morning.

Why grace?
God has been convicting me of needing more grace in my life.
I need more grace with others.
I need more grace with myself.
And my Father continually gives me grace every, single time I fail.

Being a Type-A personality, a red, I'm not the most gentle person.
I can be an abrasive, bossy, perfectionist that doesn't have room to give anyone grace.  Myself included.
Man, that's rough.

I pray this year that I can grow into a woman of grace.
I want others to be able to see that change in me.
To be able to ask, "What is it about her?  What does she have that I don't?"
And I want God to be able to shine through me in all circumstances, extending grace to those who need it, even when I don't particularly want to give it.
This will definitely be a challenge to me, and it was even this morning.
But my God is still in the miracle-business.
He can help me make it happen!

So I may not have "resolutions," I do have a word.
And a list of things that I want to continue doing:
-keep reading with SheReadsTruth
(by the way, a new plan started today!  There's still time to read along with us!)
-keep trying to find a church home
-keep creating
-keep being intentional in my life

What word would you choose for 2013?
I do have to share one more thing.  
My Instagram and bloggy friend, Rachel posted this verse and it just made me think.
I had to steal it from her and post it here for you! :)

When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow.  It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it.
Ecclesiastes 5:4-5

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