Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

I'm a believer in taking pictures of everything.  Even the littlest moments of life.  I don't want to miss a thing.  Having a good camera on my iPhone has made this so much easier!  I know my mom doesn't want to have her picture taken unless she's "ready" for it...but even on the days when I look bad, I'm still grateful for the little things.  Sorry, Mom...I'm putting pictures on here to capture our weekend. :)

My mom came to visit for the weekend.  I'm always glad to have her, because she doesn't get to come very often.  When we lived in Springfield, she would come to town at least once a month.  She {and my dad} had obligations there, and it just helped that {all of} us kids were there.  My brothers are still there, and they still see them often.  But going from only living 80 miles from her and my dad, to now living over 280 miles away makes it a little more difficult to see each other on a whim.

Anyhow..back to the pictures.

1.  My brother returned with gifts from North Africa!  I was so excited that Mom brought them to us!  Thank you, Ben!! They are awesome!! I've already used one of the spoons you got us, and it is sweet!!

2.  Friday night, we headed to the pool at our apartment complex!  It was a gorgeous night, and the pool was actually a little chilly, so we ended up in the hot tub.  First time this season for a pool day night.

3-5.  We went to the Kirkwood Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.  I've been dying to go for the past month, and I took my mom with me.  They had such a variety of things, and the bread there is SO delicious.

6.  This was our haul from the Farmer's Market.  I LOVE having fresh veggies and fruit in my house.  My motto has been, "Fail to plan, Plan to fail."  So always having fresh, healthy food in the house is a great thing!

7.  Saturday evening we went to church.  Mom normally goes on Sunday morning, so it was a bit different for her.  I have to was weird for me too at first, but I really enjoy going on Saturday evening, especially since our friends go, too!

8.  We saw some fireworks in the neighborhood on Saturday night.

9-10.  Sunday morning, we {finally} planted flowers!  Mom helped me pick them out on Saturday night, and she taught Tyler and I her ways. :)  They look so pretty and give us some "porch appeal."

11.  Sunday morning we went to see Monster's University on the Mega Screen.  My mom was so enthused!  She doesn't go see movies very often, and the Mega Scree is huge.

12.  My mother is a saint.  Seriously.  She blessed me so much this weekend...she has such a servant's heart.  She came to hang out with us, but she also helped me clean.  She dusted, folded laundry, ironed, cooked supper, and just encouraged me as a wife.  I'm so grateful for her, and I'm so thankful that we have a relationship like we do.  It is something that I don't take for granted, because she didn't get to have her mom very long.  She is someone that I look up to, not just as a wife and mother, but as a Christian.

13.  We ate healthy this weekend!

14-15.  We worked out together!  I'm still truckin' on my #56milesinJune challenge...almost there!!

16.  It rained a lot this weekend.  I even got a video of the lightning and thunder to put on my instagram...I just had to try out the new videos (which I'm totally excited about). :)

I had a full weekend.  It was so good to just hang out and do whatever we wanted.  I am so thankful for our time together, but it was sad to see her go this morning.  I hate "see ya laters."  Oh well...such is life.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Make the best of this week!  It's a fresh new week!

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