Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things I'm Loving Thursday--Handmade Edition

I have something exciting planned for you this month.
This month, the series "Things I'm Loving Thursday" is geared toward the handmade market!
There are some incredible people out there with extraordinary talents and I want so badly to share them with you.

My love for handmade has grown immensely since I started my etsy shop.
Not everyone "gets the picture" as to how much time, effort, sweat, and sometimes tears go into making a small business work.
Not everyone understands how incredible handmade items are.
Not everyone understands how valuable these items special they are.

My goal with this series to show you the vast talent and variety that the handmade market has to offer.
Along with that, I hope to shed some light on what goes on "behind the scenes" of a small business.
I encourage you to check out each shop and "like" their facebook page.
Give them a little love!!
Also, keep them in mind when you're needing a gift!
Or buy something for yourself!!

Today, I have two shops sharing their goodies with you!

Nicole is a busy girl, supportive wife, loving daughter, great sister, understanding friend, and a thankful fur mommy. When she has a little time to her self she does what she loves, which is being crafty and creative! She started painting mustaches on wine glasses just for fun, but they became such a hit with friends and family that she started to sell them. 

In January of 2012, Faux Stache Glass was created and now she makes more than just wine glasses. She creates all types of glassware, travel mugs, tumblers and so much more! There is a Faux Stache glass for any occasion and Nicole has covered most of them! The ideas that come to her mind are endless so she is always making something new!

Throughout her wedding planning process, Etsy helped her out so much by having the unique wedding that she always wanted. She is so happy to give back and help other bride-to-be's make their dreams come true! Whether you are a bride-to-be, a mommy on the go or a toddler in diapers, Faux Stache Glass is for you!

Visit Faux Stache Glass:

Shop | Facebook


I'm Heather and I am one half of the Dandelion Loveys Shop

Our shop is ran by a mother/daughter team! We are located in Southern California, and everything we sell is handmade by us! We make Boutique Hair Bows, Fabric Earrings, Onesies and Bowties! I have two children, Gracie and Eli, who have been our inspiration for everything in our shop. They also make frequent appearances in our pictures :)

My mom and I both work at the same high school. I coach the high school's dance team, and she works in the office at the school. Making bows and crafting has always been our hobby, and we decided to launch our shop on April 15, 2013 and have been blessed by the reception we have been getting! Our name, Dandelion Loveys, was chosen by my daughter who is very attached to her blanket "Lovey."

We sell on Facebook & Instagram, and if you mention that you found our shop from this blog, we will give you 20% of your first order that you place with us! We also take custom orders, so keep us in mind if you're looking for a special bow to match for a birthday party, recital shirt, Disney trip, etc.!

Visit Dandelion Loveys:

Instagram  |  Facebook

Go check these shops out!
These ladies are so talented!!
Don't miss what they have to offer!

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