Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The One Where I Talk Fitness...

Yesterday, I explained what I am doing.  Today I'm going to share with you my goals and rewards.  When you're working toward a big goal, I think it's important to make smaller goals along the way.  Now, if you know me at all, you know how much of a list person I am.  You know how I get this weird satisfaction of crossing something off my list.  Heck, I've even been known to write something on my list, just so I can cross it off!

Goals are the same way.  My parents always told me that when I put my mind to something that I don't give up until I attain it.  They're so right.  I don't let things get in the way of me reaching that goal.  I write them down, just so I can cross them off when I reach them.

I've thought long and hard about these goals.  I'm really hoping to attain them all by the end of August.  With these goals, I've also decided to reward myself for each goal attained.  It is important for me to not reward myself with food.  In my eyes, that is counterproductive.  If I want ice cream, then by golly, I'm gonna have ice cream.  I'm not going to let that be a reward for reaching a goal.

Each goal should be realistic, attainable, and within a time frame.  With that said, here are my goals and rewards:

Goal:  Lose 5% of my body weight.
Reward:  Purchase a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.


Goal:  Complete each of @hausofgirls' mileage challenges each month (I'm already at  34.48/56 for June).
Reward:  Get myself a pedicure.

Goal:   Get back into my favorite dress.
Reward:  Buy a new workout tank.

Goal:  Be able to wear all of these capris comfortably.

They all still have the tags on them...
Reward:  Preorder Karen Kingsbury's new book:  Fifteen Minutes (due out October 29th).


Goal:  Run an average of 11 minute miles on the elliptical.
Reward:  Buy a set of handweights.


There ya have it!  They are all written out!  I hope to attain all of these goals in the next 2 and a half months, and I'm going to work really hard to make it happen, but if I don't...well, I'll just keep working at them, because I want to reach them.

What are your fitness goals and rewards for the summer?


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Such a good idea to place the reward along with the goal AND that it isn't food. I always say that I'll reward myself when I reach the goal but I guess I need to do the reward up front so I can have a little extra motivation :)
    Have a good one!

    Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys

    1. You should definitely reward yourself! It's a great accomplishment, and you deserve something fun (not food related). :)

  2. Awesome goals (and rewards), Beth! You will totally rock it!

    1. Thanks, Maggie! I really appreciate your encouragement! You are definitely an inspiration to me with your IG posts about health and your awesome crossfit! Thanks for being so great!!

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