Monday, June 3, 2013


Friday evening was scary for most of us across Oklahoma and Missouri.
I was texting my mom from St. Louis when our tornado sirens went off.
At the same time, their county in Southwest Missouri, was under a tornado warning.
Talk about crazy!!
Thankfully, they were fine.
However, I was completely freaking out.
I'm not kidding when I say that I had a bag packed with my "necessities" that I could grab in a moment's notice.
I was wearing my tennis shoes and a sweatshirt, because I knew I would want some good shoes and a jacket if I had to live through a tornado.
I've lived in tornado alley my entire life and never once thought about what I would grab.
It seemed like we were the splitting point for tornadoes.
The "spotted rotation" was north and south of us.
North happened to get hit way harder than any other part of the county.

Saturday, I took this picture from the car as we were on the way to church.
They are some really nice condos that had their shingles blown off.
We saw lots of broken trees, where you knew the tornado had been.
We didn't go where the worst of it was, but I'm so thankful for the Lord's protection.

I am starting a new blog series on Thursday and I still have some room for some small businesses/shops if they would like to have a bit of free advertising.  
If you're interested, please email me.
I'll give you more details!!

The next randoms are a bit fitness related.

Someone posted this on their instagram feed, and I just loved it.
So I'm sharing with you.
Sometimes we just need a nice reminder.

A girl on instagram gives fitness goals for each month.
I've never participated in one, well, let's just be honest here.
I've never been motivated enough to try one.
But this month is different.
I'm going to complete #56milesinJune.
Want to join?
Find her facebook page here.
I've already completed 8 miles. :)

And while we're talking fitness...
Here are some of my stats from the past 5 weeks of the #branstetterlifestylechange.
Getting active and losing weight is definitely a process.
Considering all things, losing weight is also a bit more difficult for me than the average person.
But I'm doing it...and so can you. :)

Are you challenging yourself?
In what ways?

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