Wednesday, September 26, 2012


On the way home from grocery shopping tonight,
I was listening to the radio.
Joy! FM is a great station to listen to!
Anyway, I was just going about my business
when the deejay was talking about his
small group/accountability group/whatever you want to call it.

He was talking about a subject that had been brought up.
The idol of comfort.
I had never thought of that before {and neither had he}.

Is comfort your idol?
Is comfort standing in your way of being obedient to God?
Is comfort your excuse for not going on mission trips?
Is comfort your excuse for not talking to others about Christ?
Is comfort your excuse for not going out of your way to help someone?
If so, then comfort is your idol.

At times, comfort has been my excuse.
Mainly for talking to others about Christ.
I don't want to offend them.
I don't want them to think that I hate them 
or am judging them.

Don't let comfort be your idol.
God blesses you SO much when you get out of your comfort zone
and do something for Him.
He knows how uncomfortable you are; He will never leave you.
He will sustain you.

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  1. Great topic! It's so true...there have been many times I wanted to talk with someone about Christ but didn't want to offend them or be pushy etc... I long for boldness {to step out of my comfort zone}Thanks for sharing!


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