Saturday, September 1, 2012

Intentional Living

Happy September!
I've been thinking about writing this post for awhile, but the time hasn't felt right.
Until today.
A new month.

Yesterday, I linked up with Leslie, as she encouraged us to post what we were thankful for from the past month.  
It was the last day of the month.
A time to reflect.
A time to be thankful.

Today is the start of a new month.
For me, that means looking forward and preparing for what's to come.

I want to live intentionally.
What's that mean?
To me, it means to live my life on purpose.
My purpose?
Love God.  Love others.  (Luke 10:27)
I want others to see Christ in me.

I want others to be able to see that I work hard because God gave me the ability.
I want others to know they are loved by God by showing them that I love and care about them.
I want to become more like Christ on a daily basis.

For me to live intentionally, I have to start by writing some goals.
I've written goals in the past on a weekly basis and shared with you,
but this time I'm going to give you my September goals.

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom writes her goals on a regular basis,
and I decided that I really liked that she categorized them.
So I decided to categorize mine as I was writing them out.

Relationship Goals:

  • Write 4 different people cards or letters.
  • Get together with Kelsey and her husband, Steven! (This one has been on our list since Tyler and I moved to St. Louis!)
  • Write Tyler a note.
Homemaking Goals:
  • Meal plan on the weekends (every weekend).
  • Clean the house every weekend.
  • Have  a 15 minute pick-up session every night.
Personal Goals:
  • As I've been sharing (here and here), find a theme for each week.
  • Write a blog plan (I have a rough idea sketched out, but I really want to get in the habit of I've stuck with it for over a year now).
  • Read my Bible daily.
Craft Goals:  (yes, I have craft goals!  It's a hobby, and I have several projects to complete)
  • Make some new items for my shop.
  • Finish our wedding card book (yep, still have to do that...a year later.  That's what happens when you live in 3 cities the first year of marriage.)
  • Finish my fall napkins and start a new project (TBD).
Goals should be attainable.
They should help better you as a person.
They should help you strive to accomplish what you want to accomplish.
You should be intentional about them.

I love being able to scratch things off the list.
It's a good feeling.
It's an even better feeling when you know you've accomplished something that was difficult.
I hope to draw nearer to Christ this month.
I hope to sharpen my P31 skills.
I hope to shine for Christ.

What do you hope to accomplish this month?
How will you live intentionally?
You have 30 days to do it! :]

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