Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Thanks}Living, February Edition

Today is the last day of the month...
Do you know what that means?
It means it's time for a Thanks-living post!
And I haven't done one since December November!

This month flew right by...
but I think I'm okay with that 
because that means Spring is coming! :)

This month I am extremely grateful for several things.

I am so thankful for the instagram friends that I've "met."
Most of them I haven't met in person, but they have prayed for me
and sent happy mail.

Stephanie aka "Honey" (how neat is that?) got my name for the Valentine's Day swap that I was participating in.

A swap is kinda like having a pen pal, only better.  You get someone's name and buy them a gift (this particular one was Valentine's Day themed).  You wrap it all pretty and send it to them in the mail.  And someone else gets your name!  This allows you to "meet" other ladies around the US/world. 

Anyway, I had just posted my entire heart on my blog
and she happened to read it.
She also happened to receive my name as her swap partner.
She sent me this beautiful gift.
It not only looks beautiful, but the thought behind it all is so touching.

I can't tell you what it meant to me.
She is such an encouragement...I'm grateful to have her as a Sister in Christ. 
If you haven't "met" her yet, ya better get yourself over to her blog and introduce yourself.
Seriously...she's a gem!

Another thing that I'm extremely grateful for is how much God has blessed us!
At the beginning of the month, we were able to purchase a new-to-us car!
This is our first "major" purchase together, and we Tyler is sure enjoying it.
Sure, I enjoy it, too, when I get to ride or even drive it! :)
Tyler is thankful to have a more reliable car that he doesn't have to dump a quart of oil in every 2 weeks {and so am I}. :)

I am so grateful for the ways that God is working in my life.
I want to be used by Him, to be His hands and feet.
How can you be a blessing to someone today?

Today, I'm linking up with Leslie.
If you haven't met her, either, you need to!  
Go on over and say hi to her! :)


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  1. I'm so glad God is working in wonderful ways in your life! That gift from your swap buddy is amazing!


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