Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March {A Shop Update}

I am so glad it's Friday.
Anyone else?
I have felt pretty bad all week long,
so I'm hoping to get some R&R this weekend.
We'll see if that really happens.

Some exciting things have happened this week:

I took the plunge and made the decision to sponsor 
a couple of blogs.
This is my very first time of sponsoring,
so it's exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.
Want to take a peek?
Check them out here and here.

My Date Jars have really taken off.
I am so exciting that many of you already
have purchased one and are hopefully
using it with your spouse/significant other!
This morning, I woke up to 2 more 
being purchased, which also means that
I'm getting closer to my 100 sales mark! :)
I will get more in the shop soon!
There are still a few left right now.
However, if you don't see one that suits your fancy,
let me know and I'd be happy to make you
a custom Date Jar!

I've gotten some suggestions
for my shop, which have been awesome.
I'm working on a couple of those
ideas, so be on the look out for them soon. :)

So thank you for being such awesome customers! 
I am blessed by you!
If you haven't been a customer yet,
I look forward to you being one in the future!

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