Friday, March 29, 2013

Freezer Cooking Series, Part 1

Back in July, I had my first ever freezer cooking session.
I loved it so much, that I've done it a couple more times.
Today starts a new series on freezer cooking.
I will answer all your questions and give you a few recipes {and free printables!} throughout the next couple of weeks!

I have received a few questions regarding freezer cooking.
If you find that you have questions after reading, post them in the comments!
I want to try to answer any questions you might have.
Now, I'm no pro and I don't know all, but I am wanting to help!

What is freezer cooking?
  • Freezer cooking is basically what it says it is.  It's preparing meals or snacks that can be frozen and eaten at a later date.
Why is freezer cooking a good idea?
  • For me, freezer cooking is a back-up plan.  I usually sit down and plan our meals for the  upcoming week(s).  Sometimes I run out of ideas, or need a quick supper fix (especially if we're gone for the weekend and Monday morning comes early).  I prepare {mostly} crockpot meals, so I can throw it in the crock in the morning and it will be ready when I come home from work!
Is freezer cooking expensive?
  • fact, by the time you add up all your food expenses for the week, you will most likely be saving money, especially if you're buying items in bulk.
What kind of containers do you use to freeze your meals in?
  • I use one gallon Ziploc bags!  Since I only have my refrigerator freezer, I choose to use Ziplocs so that they will stack easier.  However, you can also use containers and other dishes.  I recommend using like sizes so they will stack nicer in your freezer.

Freezer Cooking Tips:

1.  Start small.  You don't want to overwhelm yourself the first time you try to fill your freezer.  After you've mastered a few recipes, then go bigger.  You really don't want to bite off more than you can chew.

2. Pick recipes you know you already love.  You can freeze just about anything.  If you have a favorite recipe, use it!  That way you know you will love your meal when it comes time for supper. 

3.  Make sure you have plenty of time.  I always tend to do my freezer cooking on a Saturday that I don't have anything else planned.  Granted, I don't have any kids, so all I have to do is sit my husband in front of his X-Box and I have all day.  I would advise setting at least an hour aside when you plan to freezer cook.

4.  Prep the night before.  I have found that preparing is the thing that takes the longest.  If I have time, I will prep {cut up all the veggies, etc} before I actually package it all.  That cuts out a lot of time on the day I want to freeze it.

5.  If you want a high quality, fresh meal, use high quality fresh veggies.  My husband hates frozen broccoli.  So instead of buying a bag of frozen broccoli like the recipe called for, I bought fresh broccoli instead.  I think that the flavor was better, too.

These are just a few tips that I have for you.  Next week, we will cover how I plan my freezer cooking session.  Be on the lookout for some free printables to help you get organized!

Have a question?  No problem!  You can either email me or put your questions in the comments! 

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