Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Life Update

This week has been so busy that I haven't had time to blog!
Maybe I can get caught up this week...we'll have to see.
I thought I would give you a little life update, since I posted my whole heart on this post.


Back in February, Tyler and I went to Branson to hang out with my Mom and Dad.
We met up with them in Springfield at Braum's.  
My brothers and their girlfriends were there, so I know this was a God-thing.
We got there, and instantly I knew something was wrong.
My mom didn't even look up to say hi.
She had this look on her face, and I was about to ask who died. was that bad.
Seconds before, my dad had gotten off the phone with his sister.
She had told him that their other sister (the baby of the family) had just been told she has

C A N C E R.

That's not a scary word when you're not directly affected by it.
But oh goodness, it is scary now.
You may say that I'm not directly affected by it now.
You're right...she's not my mom or sister, but she is my aunt.
See my family is a little strange (okay, maybe a lot).
All of us love Jesus a lot!
The Buntons have a legacy.
Whether they are my extended family or my immediate family, they are still my family.
Cancer is something that takes an entire family (plus some) to beat.
My heart aches, knowing that she has to go through this.
But God has a plan.  A wonderful plan.

My momma brought my aunt up here to see a special doctor this week.
She had seen 2 others, but she wanted another opinion.
So on Tuesday evening, we had a houseful of guests!
My momma, aunt, uncle, and cousin (who lives here in town) all came over for supper!
It was great to see them, but the circumstances weren't so great.
We had a lot of laughs and numerous conversations about our quirky family.
Ya know, we may all have our moments, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world.
Long story short to say, please pray for her!  
Also, pray for her husband and 6 kids.
We would really appreciate that!


We also got to see my brother this week!
He brought his girlfriend up on Wednesday to hang out (it's their Spring Break), so we met them at The Cheesecake Factory for supper!
It was so nice to see them and get to catch up for a little bit.
I hope they'll come up again soon and hang out longer!!


After many visits with area churches, we were just struggling and aggravated.
We decided to go back to the church that we originally liked and have a small group with.
However, against my traditional ways, we decided to attend the Saturday evening service because there are 2 couples from our small group that go to that service.
We decided that this could be a positive thing, and they could possibly introduce us to other people.
We've only been going back for 3 weeks, but we've hung out with several people since then.
This has really helped me, since I'm an extremely extroverted person.
I need to be around people to recharge my batteries.
I am hopeful for what is to come in the future.
I am grateful for the people who've been praying for us.


I do have to brag.
My husband is a stud at his job!
He got "TSR of the Month" for the month of January (yes, they put the wrong year on it), AND he was the fastest TSR to get $1 million in setups for his job!
That may mean nothing to you, but just know that he is amazing at what he does.
He also has a VERY proud wife!! :)

We are hoping to go on vacation in about a month, so stay tuned for that! :)

We are just living the working couple's life right now.
I feel that life is getting better, and our my attitude is getting better.
Those are both positive things!

Oh and I did just give my shop a little update.
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