Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trust in the Lord


Sometimes I feel like I just need a wake-up call.
Okay, maybe I'm just that dense that God has to really slap me upside the head.
Maybe that's why I've been having all these headaches. Ha!

This past week has been a struggle for me.
It all started last July when I chipped my tooth.
I got it fixed for the time being, but knew that I could possibly need a root canal in the next several days.
I prayed hard for that dang tooth.
Those days came and went, and I was fine.

Fast forward to the end of January.
I had a massive toothache.
Oh my gosh...I couldn't drink anything without a straw, it was that bad.
I went to a new dentist this time.
Much nicer, lots more patience.
He had to numb me up so that I could get my teeth cleaned. 
The next day, I came back in for a root canal.

Things went well, but there wasn't enough time to finish it all up.
My tooth was "aggravated" in the words of the dentist.
I came back in 3 weeks to get the rest of it finished up.
Meanwhile, I developed an infection.
Went through 10 days of antibiotics.
Nothing happened.
Called back.
More medicine.
10 more days of antibiotics.
All while this has been going on, I've developed other problems stemming from this whole predicament.

On Sunday, I was texting my mom.
And I was just laying on the floor crying because of all that is going on.
I've been so blessed to be "healthy" most of my life.
I've never struggled with medical issues, so this has been stressful for me.

I know that God has been trying to get my attention.
This is just a trial.
I feel that often times, I depend on something other than Him to get me through the situation.
In this case, I feel like I might have depended too heavily on the medication, and not enough on Him.

I went back to the dentist yesterday.
I was praying that the infection would be gone.
It wasn't.
So we are trying the last thing before he will recommend an extraction.

This time around, I've realized that Satan is disguising himself as an infection in my tooth.
For some reason, he won't get outta there.
I have realized, that he is wanting me to get upset, frustrated, and discouraged with everything that has been going on.
And he is loving every second of watching me live like that.
He wants me to live this miserable life...because he is miserable.

But I said, "No more!"
My God is SO much bigger than Satan...than this little infection.
My God is healer.
He's comfort, He's strength, and He's encouraging.

This morning, I was listing to the radio and this song came on:
"Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord..."
God met me in my moment.  
As I wait on Him to do His thing, I will have the strength to continue down this road.
I am putting my trust and hope in Him alone.
Yes, I think that this last medication can help, don't get me wrong.
But I know that my God is better than science and medication.

I am praying fervently that by April 8th at 11 am this infection will be gone from my mouth.
That at that time, the dentist will be able to finish up the root canal, and we'll be able to put a finish to this long saga.
More importantly I want to live out Proverbs 3:5-6.
Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.  In all my ways, I want to seek Him so that He will direct my paths straight. (This is my paraphrase.) 


  1. Yes! Kick Satan to the curb. No time for his trickery!

  2. Praying for healing and comfort!!!!!

  3. I love that song and the scripture too. Well written. You definitely have a follower here.

    Marie @ http://a satisfied

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