Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Disney World, Part One {Photo Dump}

We had such a wonderful time at Disney last week.
It was a much needed getaway for both of us.
It was a lot of fun to spend 24 hours a day with my husband for 6 days straight!

Here are some highlights from our trip.

We stayed on the resort at the All-Star Sports Resort.
I definitely think it was worth it for all the benefits that we received.
When we got to the airport, we had Disney's Magical Express waiting to take us to our resort.  Being that I'm 24 and Tyler's 23, we can't rent a card without an additional fee, so we opted for public transportation the whole trip.  
And let's face it, Disney caters to their guests...

We got in late Tuesday night and crashed at the hotel as soon as we got there.
We had had an emotional day with Tyler's grandpa's funeral that morning.
On Wednesday, we got up early and headed out to Epcot.

The International Flower and Garden Festival was going on while we were there.
They had some gorgeous flowers!

I have always loved the World Showcase...
I think it's super neat to see the different cultures of each country.



On Thursday, we decided to head out to Animal Kingdom.
This is my least favorite park, as I think it's a glorified zoo.
I'm not a fan of zoos, but I do like the roller coaster there.
Oh, and the safari was pretty incredible.

We left around was hot with all those trees around.

Later that afternoon, we headed out to Hollywood Studios (or MGM, as I kept calling it).

Indiana Jones is always a good one. :)

The new Beauty and the Beast show was fantastic!
I loved it so much!!

My brother had texted me earlier that day and said to make sure and eat a turkey leg for him.  No problem, Ben!

Come back tomorrow for more pictures and part 2 of our trip! :)


  1. I am SO excited you posted pictures of some of the flowers from Epcot! I wanted to go there so much (never been) but our trip was about our girl. :) Looks like you both had a great time!

    1. I hope you'll get to go back sometime! I love Epcot...I think it's the most underrated park of them all. There's some pretty incredible things there!


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