Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney World, Part Two {Photo Dump}

On Friday and Saturday, we went to Magic Kingdom.
This is my absolute favorite park out of all 4 of them.
Go figure, right?

My I mean, Cinderella's Castle.

First thing we did when we got there was head straight to Space Mountain.
It is also my favorite.
I had told Tyler that's what we were doing, and we did.

Since we had a 6 day pass, we just took the sights in and didn't hurry to do much (other than get to Space Mountain at park opening).

Big Thunder Mountain (better than Thunderation at Silver Dollar City, but comparable).

We stayed for the 9 pm parade, which is the Electrical Parade.  
This is also one of my favorite parades...

On Saturday we came back to the park, because we had more stuff to do!

We went through the Haunted Mansion.
Tyler said this reminded him of my dad...he'd appreciate the poetry.

We saw the performance at the castle with a lot of characters.

We rode the new Little Mermaid Ride!

We ate lunch at Beast's {Belle's} Castle. 
It was incredible...straight out of the movie.

The food was delicious.
They gave us a "magical rose" and told us to sit wherever we like.
I'm pretty sure that dang rose had a GPS tracker in it.

Then they brought us our food on a cart, and knew exactly where to find us.
I know this picture isn't the best {by the way, all these pictures are from my phone}.

Everything was so fancy, from the architecture, right down to the chairs we sat in.

I found these in a shop in of each, please! :)

We also rode the WDW Train around the park.

We watched the nightly show, staring with a digital projection of images on Cinderella's castle.

We ended the night with Wishes.
Wishes has the best fireworks I've ever seen.
It seriously in the most incredible show.
Fireworks are hard to capture on an iPhone...

Part 3, coming tomorrow!

Catch up on our trip with Part One!


  1. I am now REALLY glad you ate in Belle's Castle! I didn't get to do that either! I am pretty sure I need two weeks just to go and be there. It could happen.

    1. Girl...I would LOVE 2 weeks at Disney! That would be incredible!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, makes me want to go back right now. Where is Belle's Castle located at--in Magic Kingdom? It has been 4 years since I have been there and I just don't remember it. Tinker Bell flying down from the top of the castle right before the fireworks is my favorite.


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