Monday, April 30, 2012


Why do weekends go by so fast?  It doesn't seem fair!  Other than the severe weather that passed through, it was relaxing.

Tyler grilled hamburgers for lunch on our "apartment-sized" gas grill we got from our friends Nathan and Heather for our wedding (I think that's a reallllly long run-on sentence).  It was the first time we used it, and it worked wonderfully!

Tyler and I jaunted out early Saturday afternoon.  I had looked up where some of the Farmer's Markets were around the city, and there was one that wasn't too far from us.  While the website said to come early on Saturday morning for the best selection, we were only window shopping.

There are things you don't see everyday, like this:  

(I have no idea what it is.)

The Farmer's Market was cute!  There wasn't a whole lot offered at 2 pm, but it was still fun to look!  There was lots of fruit!

They also had lots of pretty flowers!

I absolutely LOVE butterflies!!  They've been my favorite since 5th grade.  They're so beautiful!

After we left, we went to the World Bird Sanctuary.  It was so cool!  They had all sorts of owls and birds.  We even saw 3 bald eagles!

This one I took for Leah--she loves penguins and this reminded me much of a penguin. :]

The snow owl was pretty, too!

Bald eagles.  Pretty sweet.

They had an awesome train on display, too.

They had a nature center, which I would have been all for going to check out...except they had reptiles on display there. ICK!  Tyler said it was kinda depressing that I hate snakes so much...'cause he thinks they're cool.  Uh, what?!?!  Someone, please talk some sense into him!!!!  I can't look at them.  They are scary and they freak me out.  Anytime I see one I pretty much cry.  The best kind of snake is a dead one...and I don't care if it's illegal.

Anyway, there was a park next to this Bird Sanctuary so we went.  I thought it was a "get out of the car and play" kind of park.  No.  It was called the Lone Elk Park.  It was pretty much all nature.  So we drove around a pond/lake and saw some people.  Then we see a sign that says Bison Area ahead or Park Exit left.  Tyler asked which way I wanted to go...of course I said the Bison Area.  I wanted to see some real bison!  Tyler had said they probably just named the area so people could find you in the park.  I thought that made sense...until we got to the Bison Area.

The sign said "Stay in vehicles at all times.  Bison have been known to damage vehicles."  Uh, what???  So we drive around and see a bunch of trees.  We're driving probably 5 mph.  There was another vehicle in front of us, and pretty soon they stop in the middle of the road.  So I figured they saw something we hadn't seen.  Sure enough, right down the hill were about 5 or 6 bison! Holy cow bison!

That was cool!  We kept driving and pretty soon we came across this:

No, I didn't zoom in.  Let me show you one more time:

It was WAY cool!! And this is just 5 minutes from where we live!! Awesome!  On our way out, we saw some deer.  And I was lucky to capture this looks like it was photoshopped...I promise it wasn't!

It was a wonderful weekend.  I love the weekends, because it's just my husband and me.  Spending them with each other makes me remember how blessed I am.  He's my best friend and the one I want to take on city adventures with. :]

**9 months ago, we said "I do."

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