Monday, November 19, 2012

Miscellany Monday

What a weekend!! This is the only weekend we had in the midst of busy-ness for the next month or so.  I used it to my benefit, which you will see in a minute.

Friday, Tyler and I decided to go out.  We had to meet up with a friend anyway, so we decided to go eat at Red Robin.  Now, I know Tyler and I look young.  We seem to dress "down" when we go out because we wear dress clothes to work all week and we just want to be comfortable.  Well, sometimes I wonder if the waiters/waitresses judge us by our age and/or what we wear, because we haven't had super service in a l.o.n.g. time.  Maybe we don't look like we're made of money, but you never know.  {These are all just my thoughts out loud...nothing for sure.}  So Friday night, we were surprised when we had not only great service, but excellent service!  We were very happy about it, and thought that he should know. 

Tyler dropped me off at World Market...I had never been there before.  The jury is still out on whether I think it's as fantastic of a store as everyone else says.  I may have to go back just to feel it out again.

We came home and got in our sweats and vegged out on the couch while watching {or sleeping through on my part} The Amazing Spiderman.  It's SO much better than the other movies.  Oh, and we bought a new candle at Michael's.  Tyler loves it. :)

On Saturday, I sneaked a peek at my china dishes.  My aunt gave me her china for a wedding gift.  I was immediately humbled again when I got the dishes out.  She got these for a wedding gift and wanted to pass them to me.  People from our home church bought them for her, so I would know each person who bought a piece.  Not only is that special, but my Grandpa was one of the last people to eat on these dishes.  He has been gone for 6 years now.

 I've had them for over a year, and most of that year they've sat in storage as Tyler and I have moved around.  But I brought them back with me to St. Louis, and I immediately knew that when I invited my family to come to Thanksgiving here, that we would eat off of them.

I made a ginormous list of things that needed to be done before my family got here.  I started with the one on the left side and I worked and worked and worked.  Sunday afternoon, I got to the list on the right side.  There are a couple things that are surprises. :)  Can't give them away yet.

 I was excited when I checked the mail Saturday evening, that I got a birthday card from one of the ladies that is involved with #TheSnailMailDiaires.  She made me a gorgeous bracelet!!  I just love meeting ladies around the United States!

Sunday, I went grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving meal/week!  I'm so excited to be hosting it here in our apartment.  We don't have tons of room, but I am so thankful for the room we do have!  I'm looking forward to hearing and sharing all the things we are thankful for this year!

I also opened the bottle of Blackberry Pomegranate "Pop" that I got at World Market!  It's delicious!  But don't ask my husband...he has a different opinion. :)

And this is what he did all weekend.  :)  He's gonna hate me for posting this too...he has no idea I took it!  But this is what I got for not letting him buy the X-box game...he just rented it.  And played it.  And played it.  And played some more.  While I cleaned, cooked, and baked!  Hehe!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Happy Monday to you!

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  1. Ok so, seriously we need a blogger meet up lady! I listen to your blog and I keep thinking, "Gosh she is so much like me!" So is there a world market in StL somewhere? I have heard lots about it but have never been to one! Also I bought E a PS3 for our anniversary this past may and he is totally the same way! He could sit and veg for hours playing his games. I need to get him headphones though, the noises from Modern Warfare drive me batty!
    Oh, last thing, I'm glad somebody out there loved the new Spiderman better! That was my opinion too but everybody I know thought it was rather lame. :( Anyway Happy Monday Friend!

    1. We really should do a meet up! :) Yes, there is a World Market 5 minutes from my house in Chesterfield! We've lived here for 8 months and I JUST went in there! But I saw a picture of World Market "Red Velvet Hot Chocolate" and I must go back just to find it! And I'm SO thankful Tyler has headphones...he plays Gears of War a LOT and it would drive me SO crazy listening to that shooting stuff. :) Happy Monday to you!!
      P.S. I'm a huge fan of Emma Stone...and my love for her grew in Spiderman.

  2. World market has the best ginger snaps! They are in a adorable tin container too:):) looks like a fun weekend! I really need to start blogging again....I feel like life is going in super speed though !!!!


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